Minnesotan catches baseball, chugs beer, and becomes a living legend

Minnesotan catches baseball, chugs beer, and becomes a living legend

Immortality can come in many ways. Some individuals will forever be remembered for bestowing the world with some of the greatest inventions humanity has ever seen. Others will be remembered for being great leaders of men. But none of them will ever compare to this living legend.

A fan in the crowd of a College World Series game in Nebraska has gone viral after catching a baseball with one hand before chugging the entire contents of his beer.

A video of 23-year-old Austin Buysse's single-handed catch was shared by ESPN's Twitter page and began rapidly accumulating shares and views. The clip has currently been viewed over 4.51 million times.

This is the moment one man single-handedly catches a baseball before chugging his beer:

People were as impressed by the epic catch as they were with the fact that the Minnesotan native managed to hold onto most of his beer.

"The only reason why we sat in the left field was to see the scoreboard in the right field. We just grabbed some beers and walked down," he told the Argus Leader. "We just sat there, and we thought we might have a chance at a home run ball — but let's be honest, there's not a chance. Because what are the chances of a home run ball coming to you?"

"I was shocked that I caught the ball and everyone was looking at me," Buysse said. "I was so pumped that [chugging the beer] was my first reaction."

He continued: "It was crazy; it was like a dream. But it was fun. We'll probably have to wear the same jerseys too next year and sit in the same spot. Maybe that's what brought us luck."

However, this woman actually caught the ball in her cup, and then chugged it:

It turns out that Buysse was quite the accomplished athlete back in college, having played quarterback in college at Dakota Wesleyan University. He was also the star quarterback in high school for the Minnesota Vikings, passing for 5,323 yards and 58 touchdowns.

Those stats may be impressive, but not as impressive as Buysse's one-in-a-billion catch!