'Popeye' bodybuilder is forced to tap out after just 3 minutes in MMA bout

'Popeye' bodybuilder is forced to tap out after just 3 minutes in MMA bout

A Russian bodybuilder dubbed 'Popeye' because of his huge biceps has been pinned down after just three minutes in a recent MMA bout.

Kirill Tereshin, who has gigantic biceps, faced off against the Russian blogger Oleg Mongol at a gym in the city of Abakan in the Russian Republic of Khakassia. To make matters slightly more embarrassing, Mongol is 20 years older than the 23-year-old Tereshin.

The fight between the two men was recorded, and although Tereshin initially managed to dodge the majority of Mongol's punches, when Mongol knocked him off balance and wrestled him to the ground, he quickly gave up and tapped out. 

This humiliating defeat comes not long after Tereshin was beaten by Russian slapping champion Vasiliy “The Dumpling” Kamotskiy, who managed to flatten him in one punch.

The former-soldier Tereshin, who hails from Pyatigorsk, has managed to obtain his 24-inch biceps by injecting himself with a chemical called 'Synthol' or 'Site Enhancement Oil'.

Synthol is injected into muscles to enhance their size, but the chemical is associated with a range of health issues if used too much, including pulmonary embolisms, nerve damage, infections, sclerosing lymphogranuloma, stroke, and the formation of oil-filled granulomas, cysts and ulcers.

Check out the disastrous three-minute-long fight below (their match starts at 14:10):

According to British tabloid newspaper The Sun, Popeye has since stopped using the chemical, after his mother convinced him to give him up. He stated: "I used to go to the gym for two years before being called up for military service. In the army, I was worried that I would have a hard time and lose weight so I decided to try Synthol oil."

He continued: "When I finished military service, I bethe opponengan to transform myself and did everything at home. My mum was very worried about what I was doing, but we are okay now that she knows Synthol can be removed. In the beginning, I wanted to inject Synthol oil into other parts of my body, but then the problems started and I stopped using it."

As a result of the damage done to his own body, Tereshin allegedly now wishes to travel to the UK to seek medical treatment.