Slapping world champion suffers first loss after being KO'd by rookie's right hand

Slapping world champion suffers first loss after being KO'd by rookie's right hand

A video has gone viral on social media this week, which shows the Russian slapping world champion being knocked out with a single blow by a rookie.

The Russian sport involves two men standing face one another, with each taking turns to deliver a powerful open-palmed slap to the face. Thus far, reigning champ Vasily Kamotskiy has beaten every opponent he faced over the course of the last year, but he got more than he bargained for when his humiliating defeat was caught on camera.

Watch the brutal KO in the video below: 

Kamotskiy faced amateur Vyacheslav Zezulya in a match earlier this week, which ended with a result nobody saw coming.

Kamotskiy went first and gave the rookie opponent a moderate slap, before Zezuyla wound up and delivered a savage strike with his open right palm. Kamotskiy was stunned by his opponent's strike, and promptly collapsed onto the table.

He was helped up by the referee and his opponent, and fortunately didn't appear to have suffered any serious injuries (apart from to his bruised ego) as a result of the match. The video soon leaked on social media, where it has been viewed with disbelief by many longtime fans of the obscure Slavic sport.

This video comes just a few weeks after a Russian bodybuilder dubbed 'Popeye' because of his huge biceps was pinned down after just three minutes in a recent MMA bout.

Check out the disastrous three-minute-long fight below (their match starts at 14:10):

Kirill Tereshin, who has gigantic biceps as a result of synthetic injections, faced off against the Russian blogger Oleg Mongol at a gym in the city of Abakan in the Russian Republic of Khakassia. But despite his hulking arms, Tereshin was soundly defeated when the pair fought each other in the ring.

Although Tereshin initially managed to dodge the majority of Mongol's punches, when Mongol knocked him off balance and wrestled him to the ground, he quickly gave up and tapped out.