Soccer fan celebrates goal by doing 'the helicopter' on live TV

Soccer fan celebrates goal by doing 'the helicopter' on live TV

If you're a sports fan, you'll know that there's nothing quite like the rush of adrenaline and excitement that runs through your body after watching your favorite team or player score.

However, where most people convey their elation by shouting and waving their arms in the air, one fan of the English soccer team Newcastle United decided he would celebrate a goal by exposing himself and doing "the helicopter" in front of live TV cameras.

Check out the daring moment in the video below:

The bizarre scene unfolded after Newcastle winger Allan Saint-Maximin celebrated the extra-time goal to the adoring crowd at Oxford United's home ground Kassam Stadium.

Not the sort of tackle you'd expect to see during a soccer match...

To make the situation even more humorous, the fan exposed himself behind an advertisement for viagra that was running along the side of the stands.

As you can probably imagine, the fan caused quite the stir on Twitter, with many viewers finding the blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment hilarious:

But perhaps no reaction was more on point than the extra-time goal scorer, Saint-Maximin, who tweeted the following in response to the fan's "helicopter" celebration:

As a result of Newcastle's win, they are now set to take on West Bromwich Albion next month in their first FA Cup fifth-round clash in 14 years. So, you can kinda see why the lad got a little bit carried away in the moment.