This guy pulled off the perfect World Cup themed sunscreen prank on his girlfriend while on holiday

This guy pulled off the perfect World Cup themed sunscreen prank on his girlfriend while on holiday

Unless you've been living under a very large rock, deep underground on another planet, you've probably heard that the World Cup is on right now. Yes, the global football tournament that comes around every four years started just over a week ago, this year being hosted in Russia.

We've seen a series of thrilling matches so far, but hardly anyone was as excited as the whole of England, who saw their team celebrate a victory against their first game against Tunisia last week. Calls of "IT'S COMING HOME" trilled across the country as England won 2 to 1.

Both goals were scored by 24-year-old Tottenham Hotspur player Harry Kane. While everyone was overjoyed at the news and celebrated in all the ways you can imagine, one football fanatic decided to get more creative to acknowledge the win.

21-year-old Sam Pritchard from Cambridge was on holiday with his girlfriend Harriet in Morroco, and was buzzing from the win. So when she asked him to apply sunscreen to her back while she sunbaked, Sam took the liberty to dedicate a tribute to the goal-scoring Kane via sunscreen.

Yep, Sam claims to have applied a design dedicated to Kane in the form of his surname and the number 9 to her back, all while she was asleep. This kind of prank, of course, leaves the person with tan lines according to where the sunscreen was applied, meaning she would be walking around with a tribute to Kane for a few weeks.

Thinking it was funny to share his handiwork with his friends, Kane snapped a picture of Harriet's back and uploaded it to Twitter. "My heads gonna be off when she wakes up with ‘Kane 9’ on the back…," Sam wrote.

The tweet went viral, with many others tagging their boyfriends and girlfriends to joke about the fact that they probably would do the same.

But it seems that his girlfriend Harriet wasn't oblivious to the fact that her boyfriend had clearly uploaded the pic to not only boast about the genius of his prank, but also to show off her derriere. This also wasn't lost on her friend, who tagged Harriet and wrote: "your a** is more famous that we’ll ever be".

All Harriet felt the need to write back was "Brilliant".

While I doubt that she wouldn't have been able to feel her boyfriend writing the laters K-A-N-E on her back, it is pretty funny to imagine her waking up in a rage at her new tan lines. Someone else, however, pointed out that Sam was more at risk to have his 'head come off' thanks to the picture of her back and bum, which since went viral.

"Not as much wen she finds out her a** is all over Twitter," someone wrote, in response to the "My heads gonna be off when she wakes up with Kane 9 on the back" caption. Harriet chimed in yet again, replying to the comment with, "You got that right".

While he might have landed himself in the bad books, it seems Harriet didn't mind too much, or she would've asked him to take the post down. For your sake, Sam, here's hoping that England does well for the rest of the World Cup.