Video appears to show Conor McGregor punching man over 'whiskey dispute'

Video appears to show Conor McGregor punching man over 'whiskey dispute'

Footage has emerged that appears to show renowned UFC superstar Connor McGregor punching a man in a bar over an alleged whisky dispute. The clip, which was captured on CCTV at the Marble Arch Pub in April, is just the latest in a long series of incidents concerning the Dublin-born fighter. 

According to a report by TMZ, the incident flared up after the victim refused to take part in a round of whisky shots that McGregor purchased for the bar. As TMZ put it:

"Conor walked in and lined up cups for bar patrons, looking to buy a round of his Proper Twelve [Whiskey] for everyone. The problems started when the guy opted out. Conor placed a cup in front of him not once, but twice, and he still refused."

“(It is) unclear if words were exchanged between them, but after Conor downed a shot with the other drinkers, he unexpectedly threw his notorious left fist and decked the old man who rejected the shot.”

“Two people immediately grabbed McGregor and pulled him out of the bar.”

TMZ state that, although authorities claimed to have seen the footage and opened an investigation back in April, there is no evidence that McGregor was ever charged with a felony. It is currently unclear whether the case is still active.

The incident in Ireland took place barely a month after McGregor was accused of taking and smashing a fan’s phone in Miami. Despite being brought up on charges of criminal mischief and robbery, McGregor eventually settled the case out of court. 

Despite being one of the most charismatic and bankable stars in the UFC, McGregor has not fought in the Octagon since being beaten by Russian Khabib Nurmagomedov in October last year. While UFC chief Dana White has previously hinted that fans will not have to wait long for his return, this incident may ultimately end up putting another spanner in the works.