'Worst tackle of the year' sparks brawl on the soccer pitch

'Worst tackle of the year' sparks brawl on the soccer pitch

A dangerous tackle by Argentinian footballer Lucas Torres has been branded the "worst tackle of the year" after it led to a violent brawl between opposing players, news.com.au reports.

The incident occurred during the Lujan Football League Final and left football fans around the world in utter shock.

Torres was nowhere near the ball when he recklessly dived in to tackle his opponent in the last few seconds of the Social Atletico Television vs. La Union de Jaguel match.

Take a look at the worst tackle of the year:

He missed the ball, knocking over his opponent, who fell forward and landed face-first on the pitch. The move only served to leave the La Union de Jaguel player in sheer agony prompting his enraged teammates to engage in a punch-up with the opposing players.

Credit: Argentine football league system

Players and substitutes began throwing punches left right and center and two of them were even filmed kicking each other. In an attempt to bring an end to the mayhem, the game was brought to an abrupt end. However, even after the players went to their changing rooms, the spat continued - with both sides hurling insults at each other.

ESPN Argentina described the moment as the "worst tackle of the year". And viewers immediately flocked to social media to comment on the terrible tackle.

"How are the lower leagues in Argentina? I'm glad you asked!" one person wrote alongside a clip of the incident.

Others began speculating as to what could have possessed the player to completely disregard the safety of his opponent - all for the sake of getting control of the ball.

Credit: Argentine football league system

"Someone sent this to me thru Whatsapp," they wrote. "I don’t know where it is, I don’t know from when it is. But this lunging tackle only has ONE explanation. The guy’s girlfriend cheated on him with the poor dude on the receiving end. Something along those lines."

And this wasn't even Torres’ first offense in a professional football match. Back in 2016, he was given a 24-day suspension for assaulting a referee whilst playing for Argentinian club Lugano.