Teen savagely burns her teachers in the yearbook with a little help from 'Stranger Things'

Teen savagely burns her teachers in the yearbook with a little help from 'Stranger Things'

The summer rays are finally touching our parched winter bods, which means that prom season has come to a close...and now all the high-schoolers are graduating. Naturally, the sassier teens are using this as an opportunity to roast their school, teachers, fellow students - or you know, all three. And thankfully, we now have the internet to commemorate such instances.

Last year, a Twitter user named Amber went viral with a burn from Michael Scott á la The Office, US. "Should have burned this place down when I had the chance," she wrote.

And Krysta used her yearbook quote to make a point about her sexuality, in the best way possible - by using a line from Grey's Anatomy: "I am so, so, so gay".

Now, another high-schooler has gone viral for her yearbook quote, and she took inspiration from Stranger Things. "So uh here’s my senior quote LOL," she captioned the tweet which quickly garnered over 167,000 likes and 59,000 retweets.

The line in question is said by Dustin: "Son of a bitch. You're really no help at all, you know that?"

What a hoot, right? The high-schooler later took to Twitter to clarify that this wasn't aimed at all her teachers, just the ones who weren't exactly going above and beyond when it came to education. "Before i get my wig snatched, I appreciate and love all the teachers who’ve impacted my life in more ways than just teaching the material in a syllabus," she asserted on Twitter. "This was more towards those who made me worry about passing the class than actually learning."

The internet is a goldmine for hilarious yearbook quotes, and here are some of the best...

Well, I sure wish I was as inventive as these folk way back when...