The 'GoldenEye 007' remake looks absolutely incredible

The 'GoldenEye 007' remake looks absolutely incredible

There's no doubt that, among gamers, Goldeneye is still considered to be one of the best first-person shooter games ever made. First developed way back in 1997 by Rare (creators of such hits as Conker's Bad Fur Day, Banjo-Kazooie and Donkey Kong Country) as a tie-in to the James Bond movie, the Nintendo 64 title was revolutionary for its day.

When other games such as Quake were focused around rocket jumping and fragging, this shooter felt much more grounded and its fast-paced multiplayer was rightly-beloved.

Check out this video of a level from the remake:

However, age hasn't been too kind to Goldeneye, and many people who have attempted to replay it have found the original version to be clunky, stiff, and downright ugly.

So if you're hankering to experience Goldeneye with next-gen visuals, then we have good news for you: a fanmade remake of Goldeneye is currently in development, and as the early beta footage shows, the project looks pretty damn awesome already.

Watch actor Rami Malek discuss the rumours he's due to play a James Bond villain: 

GoldenEye 25 is currently scheduled to be released just in time for the original's 25th anniversary in August 2022. The project has been masterminded by 3D artist Ben Colclough, who has been using the developer-friendly Unreal Engine to apply HD visuals, enhanced textures, and state-of-the-art lighting effects, while preserving the music, mechanics, and level design of the nineties classic.

In a recent video uploaded to YouTube, Colclough provided shooter fans with an awe-inspiring preview, captioning the vid: "This video shows GoldenEye 25 gameplay from the start of Silo up to the satellite room. Played on Secret Agent difficulty. This game is a work in progress and there are many unfinished assets. The characters, AI, and animations will all be significantly upgraded before release."

Take a look at some more footage of the remake here:

The updated game is due to be released, free-of-charge, on PC. Hopefully, Nintendo's lawyers won't hit this with a cease-and-desist (as they famously have with the fan-made Mother 4 game) and we can experience this masterpiece in 1080p as god intended.