The internet is freaking out over this man's incredibly brutal comment on his wife's Facebook

The internet is freaking out over this man's incredibly brutal comment on his wife's Facebook

While social media wasn't engineered to showcase people's love lives, for those who are in the throes of infatuation - or lust - it can become a vehicle for exactly that. Whether that means reading Laura's long odes to her boyfriend on Facebook, or having to scroll past weekly #CoupleGoals snaps on Instagram, I think we can all agree - regardless of whether you're coupled up or happily (cum-bitterly) single - that it's just plain annoying. 

On Saturday, Twitter user, Cait Thomson, shared a screenshot from her mother's Facebook page. Her father had surprised her mum with a romantic trip to Bermuda, which is just adorable, right? But before you shake your head and issue a sigh at what's likely to be another saccharine sweet social media post, rest assured that Cait's mum and dad aren't your typical couple...

Cait took to Twitter last week to share her mum's Facebook post, writing "Dads been planning a big surprise holiday for my mums 40th and she's only just found out where they are going ((at the check in desk!!!)) and my dad is always the romantic. Buckled."

And the post in question read, "After months of nipping Craig Thomson's head, finally found our destination..., New York then cruise to Bermuda.... thank you so much and love you aways xxxx" Aw!

But, Craig's response wasn't so heartfelt. Under his wife's Facebook status, he quipped "Gonna try lose the b*tch in the Bermuda Triangle". And in case you're unaware, the Bermuda Triangle is a region in the Atlantic Ocean where a worrying number of planes and boats have gone missing , leading to all sorts of conspiracy theories.


Craig's family have since said that he's known for his "dry sense of humour", and yeah, that sure makes sense.

Cait's original tweet has now been shared over 20,000 times, and the people of the internet found the whole thing just side-splitting.

"Caitlyn im f*cking howling at ur dads comment hahahahahahahahahahaha," one Twitter user wrote, while another corroborated "Ahahahahahahahahahahahaha a can imagine him saying this with the most straight face ever."

A third added, "I work at the airport and I’ve had this happen on more than one occasion and it’s just the cutest thing ever!! Happy birthday to your Mum - what a lovely thing to do!"

And yes, if you're wondering, Cait's mum and dad had the best trip ever. She later took to Twitter to post an update, writing "Thank you so much! She is having an absolute blast and the fact it was all planned by him makes it 1 million times better in her eyes."

Can we get a slow round of applause for Craig, please?