The next 'Call of Duty' is reportedly a reboot of 'Black Ops'

The next 'Call of Duty' is reportedly a reboot of 'Black Ops'

Of all the many shoot-em-up titles that have come out on consoles and PCs over the years, no franchise is quite so popular and beloved as Call of Duty. Until this classic hit the scene, shooters tended to be sci-fi romps, Half-Life, Halo, or Doom.

But with Call of Duty, the devs decided to be a little bit more original by focusing instead on contemporary military realism with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, featuring a tense campaign a crisis in the Middle East and Russian nationalist terrorism, and an addictive multiplayer.

Check out the multiplayer trailer for the Modern Warfare reboot below:

This game was soon followed by a spin-off Black Ops, which featured a number of missions set during the Cold War, and had a gigantic twist which knocked players out at the climax.

Infinity Ward has recently announced a big next-gen reboot of Modern Warfare, which is due to come out later this year. But now there are rumours abound that Black Ops will also be getting the stylish remake treatment, developed by Treyarch, and fans are now seriously hyped.

The game is expected to feature a number of Cold War theatres of combat, including the Vietnam War and the Korean War, spanning over 40-years.

It is also being referred to as a more gruesome and gritty experience than Modern Warfare, which means that we could expect to see levels as controversial as infamous as MW:2's 'No Russian' mission.

The leaked news was first broken by the Twitter account LongSensation, a source which has proven reliable in the past, after breaking the news about the soft reboot of Modern Warfare earlier this year.

Check out the campaign trailer for Modern Warfare while you're at it:

Personally, I just can't wait to tool up and play this when it comes out. I might have to take a week off work just to enjoy it properly!