The original concept art for Baby Yoda is the stuff of nightmares

The original concept art for Baby Yoda is the stuff of nightmares

Like a mini green bundle of floof, Baby Yoda has easily been the most adorable thing about Disney+.

The Star Wars universe has always been sporadically populated by cuddly Porgs and snuggly Ewoks, but it was only after fans caught sight of the 50-year-old bundle of joy that they accepted that cuteness could be about so much more than selling dubious merchandise. 

Now that Baby Yoda’s tennis ball eyes and flappy ears have become as iconic a part of Star Wars lore as lightsabers, it would be easy for us to assume that he was always destined to be adored. However, as with many famous creations, things may have been completely different. As it turns out, early Baby Yoda designs were about as lovable as an undead Jar Jar Binks.

In a recent post on Twitter, popular entertainment account and website Discussing Film shared some startling images of the original designs for The Child.

The ideas ranged from something similar to the species’ appearance in The Empire Strikes Back, through to what looked like an animated potato that ate the original Yoda and is now wearing his skin.

None of them certainly look like something that Disney could sell on a mug. 

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Understandably, the reaction among the dedicated Baby Yoda fanbase was one of near-total horror.

Several took to Twitter to express their relief that the ideas hadn’t surfaced before now, with one writing: “We dodged a bullet on this one,” while another added: “The first one looks like a sleep paralysis demon.”

One incredulous critic went further still, declaring:

“They drew these, realized they were terrifying, took a day off, and watched Gremlins.  Voila, the child was born! (P.s. I love baby yoda and I'm kidding, but I mean, he does look a lil like Gizmo.”

The wealth of cute, easily marketable creatures is an understandable a source of irritation to some in the Star Wars fandom. After all, the saga is about much more than selling toys to easily infatuated children. However, after having seen some of these genuinely horrific ideas, perhaps in this instance we can be grateful that someone decided to up the cuteness factor.