These are the real names of 9 fictional characters

These are the real names of 9 fictional characters

Names: they are who YOU are. Your name is you. When you introduce yourself, you say your name, don't you? You don't say: "Hi, I'm the guy with brown hair!" Or: "Hi, I'm the person in a blue shirt." You say: "Hi, I'm [INSERT YOUR NAME]".

So, given the importance of names, it seems pretty mad that there are so many characters whose names we get wrong or just don't know. Frankenstein, for example, was the name of the doctor and not the monster. But who else are we getting muddled up with? Well, it turns out there are quite a few fictional characters who we've been referring to by the wrong name. Check them out below.

1. Comic Book Guy

This character has been hanging around in Springfield for 14 years yet no one knows his name. Comic Book Guy owns Android's Dungeon and his real name is Jeff Albertson. While his name may be slightly underwhelming to some, Matt Groening had initially suggested that he be called Louis Lane.

2. Sonic

Everyone's favorite ring-collecting hedgehog has been living a lie. Since time begun, Sonic has been called, well... Sonic. However, it turns out that his birth name was Ogilvie Maurice Hedgehog. Ogilvie and Maurice were the names of his two grandfathers and Sonic legally changed his name to Sonic when he grew up. Also, Tails' real name is Miles Power. Geddit? Yeah, comic books are dumb.

3. Barbie and Ken

Everyone's favorite dolls actually have surnames! Barbie and Ken are named after the children of their creator, Ruth Handler. The dynamic duo are actually called Barbara Millicent Roberts and Kenneth Carson.

4. The Twitter Bird

This little guy is actually called Larry, as in Larry Bird. He's also got a fellow companion when things go wrong: the Fail Whale.

5. The Michelin Man

While this rolly man is now associated with reliable tyres, it wasn't meant to be this way. The Michelin Man is actually called Bibendum, derived from the Latin phrase "Nunc est Bibendum", meaning "drink up". He was meant to be a brewery mascot, but, y'know, life takes over and he ended up flogging tyres. Poor Bibendum.

6. The Pringle Guy

This guy has been delivering potato-y goodness to our mouths since 1967. However, while he may have some of the tastiest chips around, none of us actually know the name of this moustached maestro... until now. Yes, you have Mr Julius Pringles to thank for those tubed tasties.

7. Mr Quaker Oats

Mr Quaker has been responsible for providing hearty breakfasts since 1877, but what is his name? It's believed that he was thought to be a depiction of philosopher William Penn, however, most people in the company just know him as Larry.

8. Yoda

Is there anyone in the world more annoying than Yoda? He has a six-pack on his forehead and takes about 10 hours to actually say anything of substance. Not only this, but according to George Lucas, Yoda was meant to be called Master Minch Yoda. However, the Minch part was dropped and used for another member of Yoda's species, Yaddle Minch. So, Yoda's full name remains a mystery... until now. He is actually called CHAD.

I'm joking, of course.

9. The Fat Controller

AKA The Most Terrifying Man On The Planet. The Fat Controller was an image of nightmares for many young people growing up, with him being known as the man who bullied Thomas and his merry band of trains. Initially known as The Fat Director before being promoted, the Fat Controller is actually called Sir Topham Hatt. Much less terrifying.

So there you have it, you think you know everything but you don't. Next time someone asks you if you want to play Sonic, simply say: "No, I don't want to play Sonic. I want to play Ogilvie Maurice Hedgehog, thanks."