18 pictures that will make any perfectionist break down in tears

18 pictures that will make any perfectionist break down in tears

There is a reason that artists throughout the centuries have valued symmetry. It's not just pleasing to the eye but also somehow seems pleasing to the soul. It's like nourishment when we observe a perfectly sliced pie cut into eight equal pieces or mosaic wall tiles that all align just right to form a pattern.

That being said, there is nothing worse than seeing a single tile out of place, or a pie cut incorrectly. I don't know about you, but when something is out of alignment, it feels as though the whole universe is off kilter and I can't focus on anything else but needed to correct that unsymmetrical monstrosity!

Know the feeling? They check out these 18 uncomfortable photos that will make any perfectionist break down in tears:

1. The toughest decision in life. Credit: Bored Panda/mustang22490

Perhaps he could give a one cent tip?

2. "Someone at work asked if they could have one of my Sudafed." Credit: Bored Panda/Weighed

What kind of savage beast would do this?"

3. That one sunflower that refuses to turn toward the sun Credit: Bored Panda/imgur

How can it even be considered a sunflower after this?

4. This guy's folded ear. Credit: Bored Panda/morefunthanb4

I sure hope it was a short flight!

5. The elevator from hell. Credit: Bored Panda/Ian Curtis

Seriously, was Satan the building contractor here? There is just no other explanation!

6. Right back at ya, computer! Credit: Bored Panda/JessBee1

This one is seriously making me break out in hives.

But if you think that's bad, wait until you see number seven...

7. "I asked the lady to cut my sandwich into three pieces." Credit: Bored Panda/nglister

Perhaps the sandwich artist is a fan of Picasso.

8. The holes in those waffles don't match up with the pattern on the iron. Credit: Bored Panda/rawflemayo

I smell false advertising (and maple syrup)!

9. "Asked if they could cut it in half to split with my boyfriend." Credit: Bored Panda/miquesadilla

Maybe she thought her boyfriend would really like the crust? Either that or she just really doesn't like her boyfriend.

10. "My three-year-old insisted on that pink one." Credit: Bored Panda/ Basbor

I would have distracted them and switched it to another purple one when they weren't looking.

11. This Scrabble wrapping paper. Credit: Bored Panda/ samnmax95

I can't decide which is worse: That single "Ho" or the fact that someone thinks "Tistmascarol", "Ain", and "Snowr" are real words.

12. This condiment dispenser. Credit: Bored Panda/ SpritzerFritz

I'm thinking someone did this on purpose just to make me frustrated.

What's more frustrating? Check out how this woman uses a straw in number 13. It's rather uncomfortable...

13. "My girlfriend uses bendy straws this way." Credit: Bored Panda/ timscaletta

She's clearly not marriage material. Keep looking.

14. This plaque in front of a war memorial. Credit: Bored Panda/ Stingervoice

A global war on terror? More like a global war on unbearable visual misalignments!

15. "My dad's workshop." Credit: Bored Panda/ sab340

Does he not understand how to match objects to shapes?

16. These door handles. Credit: Bored Panda/ joesnupe47

The right one is for the tiny-handed among us!

17. "My fridge came with an egg tray for nine eggs." Credit: Bored Panda/ Reddit

Perhaps the fridge takes the other three eggs in the dozen as a sacrifice for keeping them cold?

18. This monument that's in the wrong place. Credit: Bored Panda/ TeaWallet

So for every person who's done the "Look I'm in Utah, now I'm in Colorado, and now I'm in Arizona" tourist photos, just know that you were in New Mexico the entire time.

Good grief! I'm going to need to lie down after looking at all those. Quick, someone find me a perfectly dawn circle and a collection of da Vinci drawings, stat!