University basketball team make epic design fail

University basketball team make epic design fail

Sometimes, if you sit staring at something for long enough, even the most obvious mistake becomes impossible to spot. I used to work with someone who had spent hours carefully crafting the perfect email to really important client called Lisa, only to realize that, after they had sent it, the opening line had been autocorrected to "Ho Lizard".

It can happen to anyone, but even though mistakes are inevitable, some are so spectacular that the whole world needs to be made aware. 

A Philippino basketball team has etched itself into embarrassing error folklore, following the launch of their latest PR campaign.

The Red Warriors, currently ranked as the second most successful team in the history of RedWire University Athletic Association of the Philippines basketball championship, are used to being in the spotlight. However, when a series of motivational "Make It Count" posters were released to the public, it soon became clear that success on the court doesn’t equate to a good grasp of graphic design. 

Credit: Reddit / pusanggala_

Throughout the pictures, which feature members of the squad clutching basketballs and moodily modeling the team’s jersey, players’ heads successfully obscure the "o" of the Warriors’ slogan.

But it's not the most embarrassing thing to happen on the court. Check out this proposal fail that took place at a basketball game:

This means that, rather than encouraging onlookers to “Make It Count”, the posters all rather feature the most crude word in the English language. The designer must feel like a right c***.

Although the team responsible soon realized their catastrophic mistake, replacing the offending image with a curse-free version, by then it was too late. The images of unfortunate stars Dodo Suerte and Philip Manalang posing with a giant c*** above their heads were soon seen across the internet- and the reaction was predictably ruthless. 

Twitter was soon full of unhelpful comments, ranging from the baffled to the rude. One Twitterer wrote, “The UE Red Warriors are really trying to make a statement this year."

While another added, "Make it C*NT?!?!? What's up UE Red Warriors."

It just goes to show that, even if you do ending up making an elementary spelling or grammar mistake in your next email, it could always be much, much worse.