Viewers convinced Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton actually got married at the Grammys

Viewers convinced Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton actually got married at the Grammys

Viewers of the 2020 Grammy awards are convinced that Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton actually got married during their performance.

The couple, who are currently judges on The Voice, performed their new single 'Nobody but You' at the prestigious event, and their chemistry was reminiscent of Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga's at the Oscar's last year when they performed 'Shallow'.

Watch their electric performance below: 

The song, which has been described as "earth rattling", as per Yahoo News!, had people wondering if the pair were engaged and viewers on social media went a step further, suggesting that they actually got married at the Grammys.

One viewer tweeted: "Really thought #BlakeShelton and #GwenStefani we're going to be live married on the #GRAMMYs."

Another wrote: "Don't even lie... y'all were hoping @blakeshelton was gonna get down on one knee during that performance! #GRAMMYs."

A third remarked: "Anyone else think it looks like Blake & Gwen are at the altar? #GRAMMYs."

A fourth questioned if it really was a wedding: "Did they forget to tell us that this is actually Blake and Gwen’s wedding? #GRAMMYs."

A fifth concurred, writing: "Honestly thought there was gonna be a Blake Shelton/Gwen wedding at the #grammys."

Some viewers were convinced that, chemistry aside, Gwen's white dress was the biggest indication that the pair were getting hitched for real.

"Beautiful performance by Gwake at the #Grammys! That even looked like a wedding dress. Congratulations Blake and Gwen, you slayed it tonight. So glad you were the first performers, now I can channel surf. #GRAMMYAwards2020."

"I'm a very big fan of this Blake and Gwen song. Gwen rocking a wedding-esque dress?! #GRAMMYs."

In the eyes and ears of viewers at home, everything about the performance was akin to a real marriage.

This was further fuelled by the lyrics which they sang while staring intently into each other's eyes: "I don't want to look back in 30 years and wonder who you're married to" and "I want to say it now, I want to make it clear for only you and God to hear."

"Oh wow...Blake & Gwen just exchanged their wedding vows live on the #GRAMMYs and I was HERE FOR IT!"

"Ok if I conspired about @gwenstefani like I did @taylorswift13 I would say she and @blakeshelton just sang the only vows they need while she was wearing a very Gwen wedding dress. #GRAMMYs."

However, while it might have looked like the pair were sneakily tying the knot in front of the world, as far as us Average Joes are concerned, the pair aren't planning to say "I do" anytime soon.

But that being said, if this performance isn't proof that they are soulmates, I don't know what is.