Woman asked for a 'round' manicure and the results are horrifying

Woman asked for a 'round' manicure and the results are horrifying

I think that us ladies can agree that there are few things in life more relaxing than getting a manicure. There's something about just sitting there, and being tended to that makes all of life's daily stresses melt away. And what's more, you can have a lovely natter with the nail technician - sans iPhone - because sometimes you just need a break from Instagram, and from responding to texts and emails.

However, terrible things can happen when you're not paying attention - even when you think that you're in safe hands. Case in point: Emma Jones from Manchester, England, learnt to always do her research when it comes to nail salons after she got so engrossed in conversation with her manicurist that she didn't realise that her nails were being transformed into something, er, that she totally did not sign up for.

Emma had asked the nail technician for the popular "round" manicure, however, the end result was nothing to close to what she expected.

While Emma Jones believed that she was getting a bog-standard manicure, she walked out of the salon with something that needed fixing, stat. Explaining how the disaster unfolded, she stated "I was completely distracted at the salon because we were talking about my experiences in Turkey as I have just come back from a holiday. So I headed out the salon and got in my car and thought what on Earth has he done!"

As you can see from the following picture, whatever happened to Emma's nails is just, well, blasphemous.

"This is what happened to my client when she went into a different local nail bar without doing her research," the salon that eventually fixed Emma's nails captioned the picture on Facebook. I couldn't believe my eyes so I had to get a picture. £35 she paid for these"

"I was mortified so I headed to my cousin's mum's salon to have my eyebrows done and she was mortified as she is a nail technician herself," Emma continued.

The next manicurist, Angela, proceeded to remove the offensive nails, and gave Emma a look that was just as attention-grabbing, but for the right reasons this time.

Angela, who said that her niece was "too shy to say anything", was able to reverse the damage by filing the nails down, removing the acrylics and painting them a different colour.

"They were acrylic overlay nails. [The technician] used a tip then applied the acrylic," she later stated. "When I removed them I noticed they hadn't pushed back her cuticles and had gone over her cuticles with the acrylic, so I had to be very careful when I soaked them off. Her cuticles were very sore and irritated."

The manicurist, who owns the EyeCandy beauty salon in Stalybridge, continued "These are the worst I have ever seen. I couldn't believe my eyes. I'm usually so professional but I just couldn't help burst out laughing. [Emma] said: 'I asked for round not f***ing circles.'"

Well, I think we can all agree that Emma did not get her money's worth when it came to that manicure...