Woman cries and faints on TV show after having 12-inches of hair cut off

Woman cries and faints on TV show after having 12-inches of hair cut off

A bad haircut is something that can make somebody feel really darn bad about themselves. There are few things more disheartening than being span around in the salon chair, looking in the mirror, and coming face-to-face with a version of yourself that you literally cannot stand the sight of. And then you've got to look the stylist in the eye, tell them they've done a great job, and pay them for a haircut you hate - all because you're too socially awkward to say anything else.

However, at least you can just buy a hat, run home, and sort it out in the comfort of your own bathroom, safe in the knowledge that nobody will ever see your unsightly bonnet. However, for one woman who appeared on a Turkish makeover TV show, her dramatic reaction to a haircut will be immortalized online forever.

n the shocking scene, the woman named İlayda bursts into tears after seeing that her stylist, Bilal Ağın, had cut off 12 inches of her luscious locks. She then attempts to run off the set, but faints in the arms the show's host, who proceeds to call for help.

Check out the dramatic scene unfold below:

İlayda was taking part as a model on the show Kuaförüm Sensin - which roughly translates to 'You’re My Hairdresser'. The premise of the show sees various stylists, makeup artists, and hairdressers compete for a prize - think of it as the X-Factor of the hair & beauty world.

İlayda can be seen at the start of the video with gorgeous long hair that must have taken her years to grow and maintain. So when Bilal is suddenly holding a foot of her tresses in his hands, it's no surprise that she was overcome with shock.

After fainting, İlayda was rushed off the set by medical professionals (it's at this point I'll ask you all to look out for Bilal's reaction - his face is an absolute picture.)

As a bald man, I can understand the attachment you can feel to the fur atop your head, and how depressing it can be to lose some. But come on, İlayda - it'll grow back! I don't have that luxury.

And this wasn't the only televised makeover to go wrong. This is the moment a woman receives a dramatic new look on live TV, and quite obviously HATES the results: