Woman explains why she spent over $19,000 to become the 'ultimate bimbo'

Woman explains why she spent over $19,000 to become the 'ultimate bimbo'

An adult film star is on a mission reclaim the word bimbo.

Alicia Amira, the self-proclaimed "Bimbo Queen", has spent $19.6k on cosmetic surgery, and she recently appeared on British talk show This Morning to argue her case. She explained that people, particularly women, should be allowed to express their femininity in whichever way they see fit without being branded stupid.

To discover what inspired her to become a bimbo in the first place, check out the video below: 

The 29-year-old believes that when it comes to appearance, men are not chastised in the same way that women are for taking the stereotypes traditionally associated with their gender to the extreme.

"If you look hyper-masculine, it's not a negative thing. But if you look hyper-feminine, it's considered a negative thing. I just don't think that's fair," she said. "I just want to encourage women be confident enough to embrace their own sexuality."

Amira is pictured below before and after her extensive cosmetic surgeries:

However, despite having a message which is very much in line with the Body Positivity Movement, which encourages people to accept and reserve judgments on every body - surgically enhanced or not - the 29-year-old did not go down well with the British public, the majority of whom simply couldn't look past her 'bimbo' appearance:

Although many people did concur with Amira's message: