WWE share emotional video of wrestling star after unscripted moment went wrong

WWE share emotional video of wrestling star after unscripted moment went wrong

Professional wrestling isn't exactly as 'real' as we may have thought it was when we were growing up. However, despite knowing that none of the blows are landing in a serious way, the ongoing drama unfolding inside and outside the ring coupled with the expert choreography has won the likes of WWE legions of fans over the years.

Even when the purpose of the various styles of fighting and wrestling moves are to simulate an attack without actually hurting anyone, there is plenty of room for error. Avoiding a blow can be a lot harder in close quarters than landing one, meaning the performers must have the correct restraint and accuracy with their actions.

Unfortunately, one of the scripted moves in the ring recently went awry, leaving one of the top women in WWE too injured to take on her next match. Becky Lynch was set to take on UFC fight-turned-pro-wrestler Rhonda Rousey in a champion v champion match during this weekend's Survivor Series pay-per-view bout, but doctors refused to let her continue.

In a recent brawl between members of Smackdown and RAW, Lynch suffered from a severe concussion and a broken nose after Nia Jax landed a blow to her face, leaving it "broken". Despite the injury, the Irish wrestler continued the fight, even with the blood splattered across her face, much to the awe of the crowds.

The 31-year-old was declared as unfit to take part in this weekend's fight with Rousey due to her broken nose, much to her frustration. You can see the incident, from two different angles, in the tweets below:

Merely 24 hours later, Lynch appeared on Smackdown to speak about what happened. With a black eye, she showed her anger at being held back from her scheduled match, but still had to pick someone to replace her - which turned out to be Charlotte Flair.

"Take my word, with a severe concussion and a broken face, I can still kick Ronnie's ass," she said. “I’m sorry to everybody that I can’t finish what I started… yet - because Ronda, you’re not the baddest bitch on the planet, you’re the luckiest."

Now that the WWE fanbase have spent the last few days singing Lynch's praises, wondering who would have won between her and Rousey, and calling for the punishment of Nia Jax, a video has been released of Lynch from behind the scenes.

"This isn't over, it can't be over," she says in the video, which shows her "emotional roller coaster of a day" following her injury. After spending a night in the hospital, she was eager to get back to work - but found out that she wasn't allowed to follow through on the match, and had to find someone to replace her on the big day.

"God help them all when I get off this leash," Lynch said when she retweeted the video, and many of her fans were greatly affected by the video:

The match, in which Rousey will now face off against Charlotte Flair, is set to air on Sunday.