10 absolutely ingenious ways to sneak alcohol into festivals this summer

10 absolutely ingenious ways to sneak alcohol into festivals this summer

Summer is finally here, and you know what that means kids: it's festival time, so grab your suncream, glitter (keep it biodegradable though people) and a couple of crates of beer and let's get rolling! Festivals are a time to be young and free, tipsily running about a field to catch the next act with your mates. However, there is one problem that occurs every time...

Everyone knows that prices at events like these are insanely high, and by the time you've bought your second drink of the day, you may be feeling the need to tighten the purse strings. Therefore, the process of sneaking alcohol in becomes key. But this poses another problem: how do you do it? Luckily for all of us, there are more and more products out there that are there to help.

Time of the month, is it?

Smuggle Your Booze - Tampon Tubes, £11.95 ($16.00), Prezzybox

If you can't 'brush your hair' at a festival, is it even worth going?

Smuggle Your Booze - Stealth Hair Brush, £19.99 ($26.50), Prezzybox

Because everyone needs a loaf of bread at a festival...

You're going to get so many great snaps...

Binocktails Bev-Cam 5oz Camera Flask, £15.99 ($21.00), Amazon

You know what they say, prepare for all weathers

Brigg Malaca flask, £770 ($1,020), Swaine Adeney Brigg

Great hairstyle you've got there

Because what's a G&T if it's not cold?

Ice pack flask, approx £12.40 ($16.50), Amazon

Sneaky, sneaky...

Smuggle Your Booze - Bra inserts, £11.95 ($16.00), Prezzybox

Maybe don't try this one...

Why not just fill out the whole bra though

The wine rack, approx £24.00 ($32.00), Amazon

Pretty ingenious, right? We'll all be living it up at festivals for years to come now, rum and coke in hand. Enjoy kids!