10 April Fool's jokes that went horribly wrong

10 April Fool's jokes that went horribly wrong

Today is April Fool's Day, meaning that all the dads around the world are trying to play rubbish jokes on their kids. On top of this, companies are running awful jokes in order to engage a younger audience and absolutely everyone on your timeline thinks that they are a top prankster.

However, as we have seen on numerous pranking YouTube videos, pranks can go wrong. Unsurprisingly, some people don't take kindly to being scared and have a pie thrown in their face. In light of this, here are 10 April Fool's pranks that have gone horribly wrong. You've got the people of Reddit to thank for this one.

1. You can never fool your mom

"I announced a few years back on Facebook that my long-term bf and I were expecting, we received hundreds of likes from my family and friends and the point really was to piss off my mom, she calls me and says "fuck you, I know you're lying but I'm gonna tell all your family members it's true so you'll be receiving messages from them all day"

2. That took a turn

"When I was in high school a friend of mine decided to do a little prank to a teacher: he came to school in his pyjamas and with his pillow under an arm, waited until everyone was already in class and then he rushed into the classroom yelling "I'm sorry, I overslept today!" The teacher became white, had her eyes wide open and almost fainted. It turned out that some years ago she taught in a class with a mentally ill kid that one day actually came in class in his pyjamas and then threw himself out of the window. So that was like a horrible flashback for her."

3. Bet that was a fun lesson

"My senior year in high school some kid decided to put a couple of hits of acid in one of the gym teachers' water bottle and proceeded to tell all of his friends. The teacher realized something was wrong when he couldn't control his laughter and ended up going to the hospital. The kid was immediately caught because everyone knew what he did. He was arrested, permanently expelled from school and had some serious criminal charges filed against him."

4. What did he expect?

"A friend of mine bought a fake engagement ring proposed and everything then said April fools to her. She broke up with him."

5. There is something sad about this

"A couple years ago I taped troll faces to the bottom of everyone's mouse at work before they came in..... The paper was to thin and they still worked"

6. When things don't work out as planned

"Last night, I hid all the breakfast food and filled a single Life cereal box with a bag of lemons. I also put shaving cream on all the door handles, hinges, etc. The shaving cream dried up and my roommates went out for breakfast."

7. That's you off the Christmas card list

"To get back at a friend for a prank played on me, I changed all the numbers on his phone to escort services. One night, my friend's wife uses his phone to order a pizza only to be greeted by a woman asking if she wants a date. My friend couldn't explain to her why he had an escort service under "Dominos" and she was convinced he was cheating on her."

8. We can all relate

"I had a trap set up for a friend to walk into. Then I realized I had no friends so I walked into it myself. Completely backfired."

9. Woah

"5 years ago I proposed to this girl I was dating. She said yes and I didn't have the heart to tell her it was a prank... We have a 2-year-old daughter and are expecting another in September."

10. Ouch

"Visited friend's house early to put pepper spray on his toilet paper. Friend's mom used his toilet because theirs had problems, came out screaming and holding her crotch. should've told her that I'll wash it off for her....dammit..."

Next time you think about pulling a prank - whether for April Fool's or not - think about the consequences.