10 People reveal the most embarrassing thing they have ever done in their lives

10 People reveal the most embarrassing thing they have ever done in their lives

There is nothing worse than feeling humiliated in front of a crowd of people. It's honestly the worst feeling in the world. Feeling the blood move up your body and fill your cheeks; the sweat; the clammy hands - it's terrible. However, it's something we all endure and thanks to Reddit, we can bask in other people's humiliation while trying to forget about our own.

Here are 10 of the most embarrassing stories that you will ever hear.

1. Kids say the funniest/worst things

"I distinctly remember my mom tying my shoes one time when I was 3 or 4 years old and I asked her to "tickle my pickle". I really hope she doesn't remember that..." - modulev

2. So close, yet so far

"When I was in the sixth grade, my friends used to call me a dildo all the time. I used to hate it. Crucially, I didn’t know what a dildo was, but I had a sneaking suspicion that it was a penis. I didn’t realize my error until one FATEFUL day, when my friends once again decided to call me a dildo during P.E. In my anger, I shouted “At least I have one!” I’m 30 years old, and to this very day, anytime I see one of those people, they inevitably bring up the fact that in the sixth grade, I shouted that I had a dildo." - trainwreck42

3. It's a cool name to go by though

"I got my first iphone about 7 or 8 years ago. Anywho, i was listening to a lot of hip hop at the time and the phrase i chose say to Siri was ‘i love it when you call me big papa’. Siri asked me if i wanted her to call me Big Papa. Why the fuck not, I thought. So this event totally left my memory until i was looking for an email I had sent from my phone. I found it and was horrified to learn that it had been signed off from ‘Big Papa’. Everything i had sent from my phone in those two years, including job related emails and even applications, had been signed off from Big Papa. "- Luther_van_boss

4. A bag of coal will be coming your way

"I was watching a movie with my parents when I was 7 and heard the characters talk about porn. I asked my parents what it meant and they didn't tell me so I looked it up on our family computer. This was around Christmas time and I got so scared I wouldn't get anything for Christmas because I looked it up, so I wrote a letter to Santa apologizing. He wrote me back and said it was ok. The next year I realized Santa was my parents. It still keeps me up at night." - Strungeart

5. And no one corrected you?

"Until about a year ago I thought facade was pronounced faykayd" - The_Dork_Lord

6. Too much info, man

"When i was young, i didn't know the difference between getting laid and getting laid off. So, when my dad lost his job one year, the next day at school i went around explaining to all my classmates: 'Yeah, things aren't going well at my house, my dad got laid yesterday.'" - BobJohnson2003

7. This could cause some arguments

 "Whenever I think sexual thoughts I sneeze. It has gotten to the point where if I ever sneeze my girlfriend just gives me a stare and says no." - Moonkeyman120

8. As long as you don't eat it

"I like to pick my nose" - Lex_Wrecks

9. How?

"Swallowed a fork, ended up in hospital, and had to have stomach cut open because they couldn't risk pulling it back out." -Tikana11

10. Toy Story 3...

"I get really choked up at the sappy emotional parts of kids' TV shows/movies." - metagloria

While I'm sure you feel like your experiences of being humiliated are worse than anyone else's, it's always nice to laugh at other people, isn't it?