10 Super easy ways to make yourself instantly more attractive

10 Super easy ways to make yourself instantly more attractive

While none of us tend to admit it, our society can be extremely superficial. We judge people, negatively or positively, by how they present themselves, making assumptions about their lives that we can't actually verify. Dating apps like Tinder don't exactly help, as we swipe left and right, giving mere seconds for someone to impress us.

What apps like that fail to address is how being attracted to someone isn't solely about how they look. Certain behaviors and habits can make us far more appealing to others, and you don't need to look like Beyoncé to pull it off.

1. Improve your posture

Sure, this is something you've been told a thousand times by your mom growing up, but it's true - slouching isn't exactly the most appealing way to hold yourself.

2. Keep your brain healthy

We don't get to control our mental health, as some just have it far worse than others; but if you open yourself up to others, small improvements can be made. And if you're feeling good inside, it shows.

3. Be passionate

Everyone has certain things they are passionate about. Even if they don't share your love for it, your passion is an attractive attribute. Just know not to talk for hours about how much you adore carpentry.

4. Confidence

This is one of the hardest ones to master, as you need to fake it 'til you make it without going too far and sounding arrogant. Knowing your own worth does wonders for yourself and the way you come across to others.

5. Listening

Might not seem so sexy at first, but truly listening to what others are saying is very attractive. Demonstrating that you've heard and thought about what they have said shows that you're interested and have strong empathetic qualities.

6. Have a sense of humor

This is an obvious one - but an essential one nonetheless. Not everyone is on the same wavelength when it comes to cracking a joke, but when you find someone who consistently makes you laugh, they're worth keeping around.

7. Tell good stories

Researchers at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and SUNY Buffalo found that women find men more attractive when they are good storytellers. It's not just about having interesting stories to tell, but knowing the best way to describe them shows your creativity.

8. Trim your beard

Growing a beard is fine, and even popular with a lot of people out there, but keeping things tidy is always a plus. Not everyone is into the caveman look.

9. Be hygienic

You might think you can get away with it, but your appearance suffers if you're putting off basic things like showering and brushing your teeth. A little self-care goes a long way.

10. Positivity

Sure, it's fun to bitch and moan about the frustrations in life, but if you do it too much you won't be that appealing to potential partners.

So, instead of obsessing over what the exact outfit you need to wear, or whether you are physically attractive enough to get any attention - work a little bit on yourself, and you'll see the results in no time at all.