12 Of the most hilarious things people have overheard in Walmart

12 Of the most hilarious things people have overheard in Walmart

No one particularly enjoys a trip to Walmart. It's certainly an activity that you have to do rather than one you want to do, and once you walk through those sliding doors into retail hell, you always know that you've made a huge mistake. Nonetheless, there are some things that make going to Walmart completely worth it - And I don't just mean that two-for-one offer on toothpaste.

I'm talking, of course, about the hilarious conversations you can often overhear. You know the ones: the conversations that make your weekly slice of American hell almost bearable. Yet, while it's true that almost everyone has a story where something ridiculous happens to them in a supermarket, as always, the ones on Twitter trump us all. Enjoy folks!

Wise choice

This guy is wasted in Walmart

I would have stolen the whole thing

Poor guy

Surely there's some rule that prohibits this?

Tell me, can I buy one of these at Walmart?

You sure do meet some... interesting people at Walmart

Apparently, all women over 70 look the same at Walmart

He is not okay hun

You'll make a sassy lawyer one day, kid - just hope you don't meet your mum in court

Shade thrown

Is saving your dog's life "actual" enough for you?

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