12 People reveal the trashiest thing someone did at their family Thanksgiving

12 People reveal the trashiest thing someone did at their family Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a time of peace and love, but as everyone will know, ridiculous family members can sometimes get in the way of this.

We've all got that one person in our brood who we can count on for bringing the crazy in the holiday season (god knows some of us have more than one), so when people on Reddit were asked the trashiest thing ever done at their family Thanksgiving, there were dozens of hilarious stories to come...

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"My husband's brother and his sister-in-law (who was married to his OTHER brother) always disappeared for about 20-40 minutes at the same time. This happened for four years in a row before anyone got nosey enough to go looking for them. Sister-in-law is now married to the Thanksgiving Hookup Brother."



"Every year we had Thanksgiving at my grandparents house. One year everyone was there but one aunt. She was outside in her car refusing to come in. Turns out she had taken out a credit card in my cousin's name while said cousin was in the navy. Cousin found out on the drive over while opening her mail. Aunt had racked up $10000+ debt for my cousin."



"We were hosting thanksgiving and prepared all the food ourselves and my mom spend all morning cooking and baking. My aunt, uncle and cousins arrive right before dinner and walk in with a White Castle case and said they just stopped to eat a few minutes ago. We had prepared thanksgiving just for them and they decided that they wanted White Castle instead."


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"This isn’t an isolated thing, but if someone doesn’t show up for thanksgiving or Christmas we automatically check the inmate records at the county jail. It’s happened a few times that someone’s absence is accounted for by an arrest and/or jail stay. ETA: in 2016 my brother was a no show for Christmas and we checked the jails website. We saw our unique last name on their roster and assumed he’d been arrested. Turns out it was my uncle. I never did ask my brother where he was that year."



"My uncle shot the tv because of how the Lions were playing. This was back in 77 or 78 iirc."



"My aunt was sent to bed because she was too drunk last year and ended up falling down the stairs an hour later when she tried coming back"


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"I was at my wife’s uncles house for thanksgiving , and his wife decided right after dinner to play their wedding video ( because it was also their anniversary weekend). She looks for a half hour to find the video tape, finds it and gathers the whole dinner party (25 ish people) to the back room area, plays the video, and right as she’s walking down the aisle, mid way down the aisle it goes fuzzy..... and cuts to...... Dale Earnhardt’s funeral. Uncle joe used that tape to record Dale Earnhardt’s funeral. Granted it was in small town Michigan wherenthe nascar track is, but still....Everyone froze in complete shock and I started laughing and felt like i was in a sitcom but it was real life."



"An actual family fight broke out. We had to call the cops and everything. My grandpa got a fine, my uncle was arrested. My step grandmothers oldest daughter was arrested. Before my uncle and grandpa passed away, we wouldn’t let them live it down. It was glorious. When I say fight, I mean people on the floor throwing punches. We never went back to my grandpa’s for thanksgiving after that. This was when I was between 8-9"



"Grandma and Grandpa were bringing out the family tapes with me and the cousins at the beach as tiny children and half-way through one of the tapes... You guessed it - tape cuts to grandma and grandpa getting it on in the early 90's. With me, my mom, my wife, and the cousins as witnesses."


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"my uncle brought a woman other than his wife. She was crazy. A practicing witch who would "divine" things about us on the spot and ironically accused my other uncle of having an affair. She got drunk and groped me in the coat closet, then tried to kiss me saying, "if only I were young again" I was 16."



"Every Thanksgiving with my MIL. My wife and I host. About 15 people come, and everyone brings side dishes as is the custom. Not her mother. She only brings stuff for herself. She proudly announces that whatever she brought is just for her. It's not for diet purposes, because she eats all the other food too. When dessert makes an appearance, she will make a big scene about wanting the first piece instead of letting the kids get theirs and get out of the way. One year there was a big argument about the corner pieces of a chocolate cake. She went first as usual, and cut herself two corner pieces and took them both. If you want to make little kids cry, do that. She wouldn't give them up though."



"My mother told our aunt to help herself to some left overs and she took a 4/5th full bottle of $350 whiskey. She got alled out on it and claimed to have "accidentally grabbed it lmao sweetie no big deal" She returned it half full so either she chugged some in the car or dumped some out in spite."


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