12-year-old transgender pupil who 'wanted to be a girl from age of three' given puberty blockers

12-year-old transgender pupil who 'wanted to be a girl from age of three' given puberty blockers

A 12-year-old trans girl has started puberty-blocking treatment after her mother claims she knew from the age of three that she wanted to be female.

Ash Lammin is one of the youngest people in the United Kingdom to begin the process of gender transition. Ash was assigned male at birth, but according to her family has struggled with gender dysphoria from an early age and insisted that she was really a girl as soon as she could talk.

Per The Mirror, Ash's mom Terri stated that, although Ash was born male, she would ask her mother why she had a penis and when would it be removed.

Ash would often wear female clothes, such as pink dresses, and wear female swimming costumes while taking a bath because she was so ashamed of her body.

Watch this 9-year-old trans child document their transition below:

Now, Ash, who hails from Ramsgate in Kent, is due to embark on a long journey to go male to female at an NHS clinic. She's already changed her name by deed poll to Ashley, and will now begin taking hormone blockers to halt the onset of puberty. She will remain on these until the age of 18 and can come off at any time - which will only delay puberty by a couple of years.

Ash has researched the transitioning process thoroughly and intends to also go through a womb transplant when she's older so that she can one day become a mother.

Ash, who has six other siblings, is now being homeschooled due to coming out early as transgender. According to Teri, although her primary school was supportive, and Ash's classmates were kind and understanding, other parents made things difficult: leaving her out of social events and complaining about Ash using girls' toilets.

We want to wish the family all the best of luck with their journey ahead.