13 of the best IKEA fails on Instagram

13 of the best IKEA fails on Instagram

There are plenty of people out there who absolutely love a day trip to IKEA. Personally, I find the idea of getting lost in a gigantic store searching for furniture possibly the most boring way to utilize my free time, but each to their own. What we can all agree on, however, is that no matter how excited we are about a new purchase, that excitement soon fades once you get home.

We all think we can handle some simple instructions, but there's always something that we don't quite understand, or a mistake that can lead to absolute disaster along the line. You've likely seen your fair share of frustrations with these build-it-yourself products, but these people saw failures far worse than you've ever had to deal with.

1. One size doesn't fit all

2. Was it worth it?

3. Something went wrong here...

4. An absolute catastrophe

5. It's always worth reading the fine print

6. Well, it sort of works?

7. This one not so much...

8. Let's just call it a day

9. You haven't beaten him yet

10. Not quite there

11. Drink away your misery

12. So close

13. Uh oh

The only thing you can really do to prepare yourself for the frustration and heartbreak that will inevitably come from putting together IKEA furniture at home is to expect to fail. Yep, you'll get no words of positivity from me, it's going to be a rough time.