14 Epic Thanksgiving fails on social media you'll be thankful didn't happen to you

14 Epic Thanksgiving fails on social media you'll be thankful didn't happen to you

As one of the big eating holidays of the calendar year, there's a lot of pressure on your Thanksgiving meal... and unfortunately, that pressure can get to even the best of cooks. Chrissy Teigen is usually such a good cook, but this year, even she didn't get it exactly right, sharing with us a picture of her burnt sweet potato pie.

That got me thinking. If Chrissy Teigen (Chrissy Teigen!) screwed the pooch on her Thanksgiving meal, then what hope did the rest of us normals have? If social media is anything to go by... then no hope. No hope is the answer. Have a look at these quite hilarious Thanksgiving fails, and be thankful they didn't happen to you.

1. "Your biscuits are on fire, man! No, I mean they're literally on fire"

2. There was no dessert to be had in Carrie Underwood's house this Thanksgiving

3. This Thanksgiving cheesecake tastes better than it looks

4. Uh... dark meat, anyone?

5. This Thanksgiving, I'm thankful I didn't have to eat that

6. Somebody forgot gravity was invited to Thanksgiving

7. Broken glass stock is definitely not the one

8. Yeah, this does not look like a turkey...

9. Two fails for the price of one

10. Looks... delicious

11. Oops

12. A for effort, D minus for execution

13. Don't try to eat this pie... you'll just make it angry

14. Well, I guess it's takeout for these folks this year

Ah well, folks... just goes to show, a Thanksgiving disaster can happen to anyone. No matter what mishaps happened on your turkey day, just know that you weren't the only one, and that you've got Christmas to make up for your errors.