14 Of the best, most hilarious mom texts of all time

14 Of the best, most hilarious mom texts of all time

For some unexplained reason, there are roughly three qualities that every mother on Earth possesses: 1) the ability to hear you when you're doing something wrong, but not when you're hollering from the next room, 2) an innate skill to maintain a half hour phone conversation with you, even if you only utter the words "yes" and "uh huh" throughout the whole conversation, and 3) a talent for sending the most inadvertently hilarious messages ever.

Maybe it's something they are taught to do as soon as they have kids, or perhaps it was a quality that was lying dormant in them for their whole lives, but - either way - these mums certainly know how to turn a simple text into a work of pure comedy gold...

1. The notorious E. Moji

2. The kind of classic we've all received at least once

3. When mum knows you've had a late one

4. No need to get emotional or anything

5. Wait until she hears about all those people who love The Killers

6. At least this mum gives fair warning

7. That's a lot to process at once

8. Why ISN'T it the topic of EVERY party 

9. The most brutal "K" of all time

10. Five is too many minutes to wait

11. Horaa- ah, no

12. You mean it isn't one of those newfangled talkies?

13. At least this mum knows what an emoji is

14. No matter how weird your mother may be, however, she'll always be a better texter than dad 

So, while you might spend a decent portion of your life showing your dear old Ma how to "send those moving pictures" or perhaps helping her to download the latest "Snapgram" update, you've got to admit that the comedy is worth it in the end.