14 Tweets anyone who shops at Aldi will understand

14 Tweets anyone who shops at Aldi will understand

In the last decade or so, one supermarket has changed the way we shop for groceries forever! Aldi was originally founded back in Germany by two brothers in 1946, but their budget chain has since gone on to open more than 10,000 stores in 20 countries around the world.

In recent years, Aldi has become famous for its surprisingly low prices on products that are so much more expensive elsewhere, and its highly anticipated 'Specialbuys' - which can include a 19-man swimming pool for like, $13. (Maybe an exaggeration, but damn, those Specialbuys are the highlight of my week.)

However, for all its positives, Aldi also has its negatives - with the prime example being the utter chaos that inevitably unfolds at the checkout.

So, buckle up, have your bags for life prepped, and get ready to relate to literally every single one of these tweets:

1. Calm down, Janice!

2. TBF, I'm guilty of this!

3. There's no greater achievement in this world

4. Catering done right!

5. A life lesson for all of us out there...

6. We've all suffered this disappointment

7. Not all heroes wear capes

8. The Wolf of Aldi Street

9. Fail to prepare and prepare to fail

10. "I'm not paying for more bags"

11. When you've reached the peak of your day

12. But you really can't compete with those prices

13. Those Specialbuys really can be tempting

14. Apparently, those kayaks were a great deal...

So it turns out we ALL experience the same delights and traumas at Aldi! But we wouldn't have it any other way!