16 Epic fast food fails that will straight-up ruin your day

16 Epic fast food fails that will straight-up ruin your day

Whisper it quietly, but life is full of disappointments.

With every promotion, new relationship or unexpected relationship comes the tiny little niggles of human existence; an unexpected bill, a highly-anticipated movie or album turning out to be bad, a disagreement at home or work casting a massive cloud over the rest of your day.

In those times of trouble, Mother Mary comes to me; speaking words of wisdom - Maccy D's. A good burger, pizza or bucket of fried chicken are usually enough to dispel the day's woes - that is, unless you're one of the poor souls to be on the receiving end of these spectacular fast food fails.

1. You can bet that whoever got these 'Chicken McNuggets' was pretty cheesed off

2. A Filet O'Sadness

3. Extra pickles? I'll show you extra pickles

4. Burger King chicken nuggets: pre-tasted for quality assurance?

5. Domino's Pizza really dropped the ball on this terrible vegan pizza

6. Close enough

7. Not quite the same as promoted

8. A chicken-less chicken roll

9. This woman ordered chicken nuggets and apparently just got a box of tartare sauce

10. Dairy-free mozzarella sticks

11. You had one job

12. Maybe Dunkin Donuts should stick to donuts...

13. Would you like more sandwich with your mayo?

14. Stacks of disappointment

15. Nailed it

16. 'Nailed' it, I guess

Well, there you have it folks. I don't know about you, but my day's been completely ruined. Time to drown my sorrows in... some salad, I guess?