17 Delicious meals from restaurants which straight-up refuse to use plates

17 Delicious meals from restaurants which straight-up refuse to use plates

Food is great, isn't it? Keeps us all alive, I hear. When you cook it in your own kitchen, it's pretty great, giving you a sense of pride, but there's nothing like going out in your nicest clothes, paying a chef to make your dinner for you. Try it sometime - I wholeheartedly recommend it.

Of course, in this modern age which I like to refer to as the loud death-rattle of capitalism, restaurants want to go above and beyond to make their culinary experience a unique one - often at the expense of sanity, practicality and sometimes, safety. These meals you're about to see are pretty great, but I think they'd be much better if they were served in plates.

1. Serving six olives really doesn't need to be this complicated

2. This gravy is served in a can of beer. But what happened to the beer that was inside that can of beer?

3. Mushrooms in a spade, anyone?

4. Well, how about an English Breakfast in a shovel?

5. No? Well then... what about English Breakfast in greaseproof paper?

6. Get the Shawshank Redemption experience

7. What on earth is going on here

8. Rum cocktail, served in a suitcase

9. Somewhere out there, there's a bored cat looking in for his climbing perch

10. When you want to go for a picnic, but it's raining outside

11. But imagine how much time they'd save on dishwashing

12. Actually, that's a really adorable little wheelbarrow

13. Dessert deserves better than this

14. Roast dinner on tiered plates was always going to be a terrible idea

15. This restaurant were devastated when they couldn't serve meals in bin lids any more...

16. Well, that's dessert ruined

17. "This is not what I thought you meant when you said I should keep an eye out for the tuna."

Well, there you have it, folks. What's wrong with a plate, you ask? Well, I'm right there with you. These are too crazy for any sane man or woman to consider, and I will bet you a lot of money that all of these meals will be massively overpriced. I might just head to a McDonald's instead.