19 Hilarious memes that you will love if you were born in the 90s

19 Hilarious memes that you will love if you were born in the 90s

As a general rule of thumb, it would be safe to say that the 1990s were arguably the best decade of all time. We all long for the 1990s, we all long for the sweet taste of Sunny D and the sound of internet dial up. Luckily, I was born in the early part of the 90s and am able to remember the decade for the good things that came with it.

In light of this, check out 19 memes about the 90s which are guaranteed to make you scream.

1. No internet? No problem

2. I mean, these guys just look like art students

3. Why was everything grey and blue?

5. These things were like The Bible

6. How we used to chat people up before Tinder

7. You can't eat an Apple Watch

8. I swear this thing weighed a ton

9. Yeah, I mean, what the hell was going on with this game?

10. 3D words ftw!

11. This will sound even better out of my crappy phone speaker

12. Absolutely all of these toys were chewed at the top

13. The paper was the best bit?

14. R-r-r-eeeeemix

15. 1990s version of hieroglyphics

16. The loudest noise in the world

16. The most frustrating game of all time

17. Still better than the camera on a Samsung though...

18. I bet this guy was the boss of his school

19. Who doesn't like the idea of falling asleep under the stars

Ah the 1990s, what a time. I think I'll go home tonight, buy some plastic stars and some posters and kit my room out to its former glories. Who knows, maybe I'll even watch a tutorial on how to play Minesweeper.