6 of the most common Christmas problems that plague us each year

6 of the most common Christmas problems that plague us each year

While for most of us the festive season is one for getting together with family and celebrating the little things in life, it's not without significant issues.

No sir, it's not all tinsel, turkey and falling asleep in front of the TV - sometimes Christmas can actually be really stressful. Everyone has their own personal horror stories of when Christmas plans have gone awry, but there are some common things that seem to crop up every year.

Thankfully, with the help of Gumtree, these issues can be simply a ghost of Christmas past!

So kick back and relive some of the most common Christmas issues we all face annually, and see how Gumtree can help solve them.

1. Not enough chairs!

It's two days before Christmas and your uncle has called to say he's now bringing his new girlfriend and her five kids to Christmas dinner. Don't panic, a few clicks and new chairs are on the way.

Christmas table set up perfectly. Credit: Pexels

2. The annual Xmas shouting match

Forget about sitting there listening to nan and grandad spar over whether to watch the Queen's speech. Get some nice new headphones and drown them out with some festive tunes.

Woman listening to headphones taking a selfie Credit: Pexels

3. Faulty lights on your tree

Blown bulbs are the hallmark of a Christmas catastrophe, but never fear! Invest in some last-minute lighting solutions and make sure your tree shines as bright as you do the rest of the year.

Christmas tree and fairy lights Credit: Pexels

4. Board game fiasco

Yes, we know what happened last year - your brother flipped the Monopoly board again after going bankrupt. Instead of playing the same old games year after year, why not purchase some newer and less divisive options.

Monopoly board mid-game. Credit: Pexels

5. Who's going to do the dishes?

The elephant in the room as soon as the last piece of turkey is devoured, who the hell is going to do the dishes? The answer: nobody - because your new dishwasher you just bought online is going to take care of everything in no time.

Dirty dishes in the sink. Credit: Pexels

6. No room at the inn

With all the relatives staying over Christmas, sleeping arrangements can get a little tight to say the least. Instead of taking a leaf out of Mary and Joseph's book and sleeping in a barn, why not spend some money on some comfy air beds to house your festive guests!

Man asleep on the sofa at Christmas Credit: Pexels

So don't let your Christmas get bogged down by the usual clatter of dirty plates and your family warring over what to watch on TV - the festive season can be simpler! Get yourself over to Gumtree, where all your festive woes can be solved with a click. Enjoy!