6 sneaky posing hacks that will make you look instantly better in photos

6 sneaky posing hacks that will make you look instantly better in photos

Some people just naturally have it all, don't they?

Radiant and beautiful in real life and just as photogenic as their enviable genes deserve. Then there are those who, bizarrely, are stunning in real life but, for whatever reason, just don't photograph well at all. There must be some deep psychological explanation for this phenomenon, but sometimes ignorance is bliss so perhaps it's best we let sleeping dogs lie.

Of course, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and it's not up to anyone else to tell you what your version of beautiful should be, but if you do find yourself looking at photographs of yourself and wishing they were a more accurate representation of your real-life, non pixel self, then listen up, because I've got some hot tips for you.

1. Never worry about having a double chin on camera again

Simply stick your chin out and lift your tongue to touch the roof of your mouth. Chin? taught and lifted.

2. Create the curves

Swivel your body 45 degrees and put your hands on your hips to emphasise your curves

3. Avoid unwanted 'arm spread' 

Simply lift your arm up and away from your body to avoid 'arm spread' against your body.

4. Make your neck appear longer

Lower your front shoulder to achieve this

5. Accentuate your curves 

When facing the camera, arrange your body in a sort of s-shape, as this will accentuate your curves

6. Using the right angle

As a general rule, you will look better if the camera if angled slightly above you

Some simple tips, there, to ensure you are always looking your best when a camera is pointed at your face.