6 things only people with glasses will understand

6 things only people with glasses will understand

As someone who wears glasses myself, I am well aware of their importance and I'll be the first one to sing their praises. When my eyes are tired after a long day of staring at my laptop, the moment I don my fancy specs is a moment of pure relief, of crisp-vision.

However, there are certain moments in which wearing glasses, however clear your vision might be, can become something of a hindrance.

So in the spirit of extolling the virtues of our good friend the contact lens, we've teamed with Specsavers to bring you some scenarios that only people who wear glasses will understand.

1. When a ball hits you in the face 

Admittedly, this is far from ideal at the best of times, but when you're wearing glasses it can become a whole different ballgame (sorry).

Guys playing football Credit: Getty

2. When you try to put on a jumper 

You're getting ready for another day; jeans on, socks on, t-shirt on, jumper: not quite on, instead tangled up in your glasses and unlikely to ever be released.

Man putting on jumper Credit: Getty

3. When you're furiously working out and then your glasses fall off 

You're on the treadmill, and whisper it, but a new personal best might be on the horizon. You've burst through the pain barrier, dripping in sweat you start to believe it's actually possible. And then - your glasses fall off. You're forced to press the emergency stop button. No PB today.

Yoga class Credit: Getty

4. When you want to watch a 3D film

You're at the cinema waiting to watch the latest big release, and you think "sure, I'll go for a 3D viewing, why not?" You've forgotten, haven't you, that you have to wear 3D glasses over your actual glasses. It doesn't quite work, does it? When, when will you learn?

3D glasses Credit: Getty

5. When it's raining and you're trying to see literally anything

Harry Potter encountered the very real problem of trying to see out of glasses in the rain during a quidditch match, and he's far from the only one. Rain is a scourge of many, but perhaps none more so than those of us who wear glasses.

Men in the rain Credit: Getty

6. When you're trying to kiss someone else who's also wearing glasses

You'd given up on love, hadn't you? But tonight, tonight made you believe that you might just have another shot at it after all. You've been for a candlelit meal, you have many things in common, she even laughed at your joke about the hare, the tortoise and the platypus. You knew that was a good joke, and here's the ocular proof. Anyway, you're walking her home, bathed in moonlight when you both stop, and, slightly breathless, lean in for that first magical kiss. Except, as your faces meet, there's a loud plastic tap as your glasses connect. Love? It never lets you win.

Couple kissing in glasses Credit: Getty

We all love glasses, don't get me wrong here, but some occasions do just call for contact lenses. If you're relating hard to the examples above, you might want to give Specsavers a go, they're great for people wanting to try contact lenses.