7 people reveal the most hilarious stories they have from playing Monopoly

7 people reveal the most hilarious stories they have from playing Monopoly

Monopoly is undoubtedly the game to end all games.

While lots of people will often recount stories of how their best game of Monopoly lasted days - the really keen rule followers among you will know that it should only last a couple of hours at most if played properly.

Every family has their own set of tales when it comes to the world's great board game. Whether it's constantly cheating cousins, overzealous pets or grandparents who just can't help making up their own rules - Monopoly is the sort of game that often ends in controversy... or with the board ending up overturned.

With that in mind, we asked people to share their funniest Monopoly playing moment - and here are some the finest entries.

1. Crime doesn't pay

"Once I was playing Monopoly with my mum and dad, and noticed that there was a squirrel climbing on our garden fence. As the game developed, I kept pointing out every time the squirrel did something interesting (which was about once every 10-15 minutes). When they turned to look, I swiped a few notes from the bank. The perfect crime. God bless nature."

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2. Spicing it up every so slightly

"During a drunken game of Monopoly with a group of wine drinking uni students, taxes, renting and interest were all implemented to this already rule-heavy board game. An extra A4 sheet of rules were then added to avoid miscommunication about these additional stipulations.

"This all meant players of the game never really lost. The poor just got poorer, the rich got richer, and the bank watched like the ruler of a cruel dictatorship. We accidentally warped this family board game into a twisted game of reality's ugly underbelly. The game then took a turn when new rules such as handing over your $200 when you pass Go immediately, and giving other players percentages of your winnings when a player lands on a property, were added to the game.

"Needless to say it ended in a debt-induced rage that soaked the walls in red wine..."

red wine spill Credit: Pixabay

3. This is how most games end

"I was playing Essex Monopoly and my cousin's fiancé stole Lakeside from me - so I threw the board at his head - now I'm banned from playing the game."

Monopoly board Essex. Credit: Gumtree

4. Bank of Dad

"I was so close to being bankrupt that I had to get my Dad to bail me out... On the proviso that in every future game of Monopoly that we ever play, he doesn't pay me a penny on any of the dark blue or green tiles."

FAIRFAX, CA - FEBRUARY 06: In this photo illustration, Monopoly board game pieces are displayed on February 6, 2013 in Fairfax, California. Toy maker Hasbro, Inc. announced today that fans of the board game Monopoly voted in an online contest to eliminate the iron playing figure and replace it with a cat figure. The cat gamepiece received 31 percent of the online votes to beat out four other contenders, a robot, diamond ring, helicopter and guitar. (Photo illustration by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images) Credit: Getty

5. It pays to know the rules...

"I had a friend that would buy all the houses, and never upgrade to hotels. If you check the rules you can't get a hotel without first having 4 houses, so if done correctly you monopolize the limited supply of houses and nobody can buy a hotel or get more houses than you."

6. Oh nan

"Every time I end up in jail my nan just tuts - presumably the same reaction she'd have if I ended up in jail in real life."

Monopoly go to jail.

7. Booze and Monopoly don’t mix

“We were having one particularly heated debate about who was going to be banker (my sister always cheats so we have to be very careful), and we turned around after 10 or 15 minutes to find my grandad snoring away on the sofa after a few glasses of whiskey. Classic.”

There you have it folks, if you're not inventing ludicrous rules or cheating you're clearly doing something wrong. I joke, but it's clear that no game keeps people on their toes quite like Monopoly. Personally, I've got a lot of respect for the gentlemen who utilised the squirrel to devastating effect. Well played sir, well played.