7 Reasons why you should rescue a cat or dog

7 Reasons why you should rescue a cat or dog

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Is there anything better than the feeling of giddy euphoria you get when you meet a new pet for the first time?

No-one will ever be happier to see you than your dog is when you open that front door at the end of a long day, and the chances are you'll struggle to find a more loyal companion, too. And if it's a more demure, but equally comforting presence you're after, then the precious moments of affection you get from a cat go a long way, too.

So really, what could be a more rewarding and fulfilling experience than to rehome a rescue dog or cat and give them the safe, happy home they deserve?

Here are 7 reasons why rehoming a cat or dog could prove an extremely gratifying experience.

1. Help to support rescue animals

By rehoming a rescue animal, you'll help spread the word and raise awareness of just how great an experience it can be. This will help rescue centres to continue providing support for animals in their care, before finding them with a forever home they can be happy in.

2. There will be pets of all shapes and sizes

It's important to focus on a pet's character and personality rather than get fixated on a specific breed. Rescues like Battersea care for a wide range of animals who just need a family to care for them: you might be surprised at just how many dogs and cats of all different shapes and sizes there are!

3. Help to stop supporting bad breeding practices

Buying pets online from unlicensed breeders can support irresponsible - or ‘backstreet’ - breeding, at the expense of animal welfare.

4. Unconditional love

Want a companion who is buzzing for you in your happiest moments and there for you at your lowest? Your rescue pet is bound to be there by your side. There’s nothing quite like the joy of sharing your day with a loyal companion, and the love you give back to them in the form of a happy home and a safe future.

5. Support the organization

Everyone who chooses to rehome through a local charity or organization not only gets a pet to love, they are also helping to support the lives of those pets in their care who are still waiting for their forever home.

6. It will not cost you the world

The rehoming fees you'll pay - which help to cover the costs of looking after the health of rescue pets - are far less than the amount you would pay to buy a pet from a for-profit business.

When you rescue from Battersea, your new pet will already have been vaccinated and neutered, and comes with a month’s worth of free pet insurance.

7. Many animals will already be well trained

Of course, it's not always the case, but many animals at shelters have previously been house trained, or know other commands and training, particularly if they are older.

To find out more about why rescue animals make the best pets, visit the Battersea website, or join the rescue movement by using #RescueIsMyFavouriteBreed.

Your new best friend is closer than you think!