8 amazing examples of parents getting it absolutely right

8 amazing examples of parents getting it absolutely right

Being a parent is pretty much like holding down the hardest job in the world. It's a position for which there is almost no practical training, no days off, and - the worst part - no pay! And yet, millions of people around the world knuckle down and get the work done every single day; sometimes without a single word of thanks.

Of course, some moms and dads have a handle on the ol' parenting gig in a way that many others never achieve. Maybe it comes from years of experience, or perhaps there are just some simple hacks out there that the rest of us have yet to discover. Either way, there's a lot we could learn from them.

Here are just 8 examples of savvy parents who managed to do their jobs in the best way possible...

1. Turning "boring" food into works of art

Your kid might not want to eat a fruit salad, but I bet they'll tuck into a grizzly monster or a smiley face. Little ones also love it when they get to eat food from their favorite TV show, so anything that resembles something from a fictional realm is sure to get a better reception than boring old broccoli.

2. Making a game out of chores

When I was a kid, the words, "I bet you can't tidy your room in under five minutes..." would have me running upstairs quicker than you could say, "well, that was easy". Having a prize to work towards is also excellent motivation - even if it's just five more minutes of story time before bed.

3. Transforming boring routines into exciting games

As adults, we know that routines such as taking a shower and washing our hands on the reg are a necessary part of life. However, kids aren't always as keen to get on board. Thankfully, there are some ways to encourage them to get with the program. Take Playbrush, for example, which allows kids to play interactive games while keeping their gnashers nice and clean:

Not ones to stand still, Playbrush are also launching a new product that will be available this Fall - the Playbrush Smart Sonic. Equipped with new brushing control features that include a pressure sensor and brushing speed sensor, your kids will be safe from brushing too hard and too fast on their gums. Oh yeah, and if you pre-order your Playbrush Smart Sonic now, you could be in with a chance of winning a family trip to Disneyland Paris!

4. Not being afraid of mess

One of the best things about childhood is having the freedom to basically do whatever you want (within reason, of course). You've got no responsibilities, no worries, and no reason not to enjoy yourself. So, come on, parents, let your kid play in the mud or help paint the house every now and then.

5. Joining in with games

Did your little one build a blanket fort? You'd better go check it out. Are they playing an imaginary game? Time to get your best pirate impression going. What about dress-up time? Well, if you don't have a superhero cape at the ready, it looks like you'll need to use a bedsheet...

6. Not being a total helicopter parent

We get it: wanting to be there for your kid 24/7 is a completely natural desire, but sometimes it's good to let them have a little space to themselves sometimes. Plus, while they're off playing with friends or enjoying a video game, you can have a quick tea break before they inevitably come back and demand your attention.

7. Encouraging healthy sibling relationships

Having one child is hard work enough - but having more than one can seem impossible at times. And, of course, all siblings will feel a little bit of rivalry sometimes, but the best way to deal with it is to avoid comparing them to one another and show them the value in helping each other out.

8. Being a student as well as a teacher

When children are really small, most of a parent's job consists of showing them how the world works. As they get older, though, kids will naturally take an interest in certain topics, and they'll want to share what they've learned with the people they care about. Yes, you might have heard everything they've had to say about dinosaurs or Transformers or kittens already - but they'll appreciate you listening again!

Even with all these tips, having the job of a parent is still immensely difficult. However, considering that it's a position moms and dads will hold down for 18 years at the very least, it's worth taking all the help you can get!