8 Hilariously embarrassing reflections accidentally caught on camera

8 Hilariously embarrassing reflections accidentally caught on camera

Ah, where would we be without modern photographic technology? Think of all those cute selfies we'd miss out on taking, all those great evenings out with friends we'd fail to capture, and all those thousands of snaps of our pets that would never see the light of Instagram.

Oh, and all of those embarrassing moments we'd never want to forget, too.

All too often, people inadvertently end up sharing mortifying photos on social media, completely unaware that they're actually revealing a little more than they'd like to. And, quite frequently, the culprit behind the embarrassment is a reflection. Just take a look at these 8 cringe-worthy shots and you'll see what we mean...

1. Yeah, look at all that traffic

2. Mirror selfies? She should nose better

3. How did she not notice this before posting?

4. Look at this big strong boy taking a picture with his mommy

5. To be fair, this guy probably does refer to his hand as his girlfriend

6. Stick to checking out the merchandise, buddy

7. Surpriiiiiise

8. That'll teach her to leave her dog out of selfies

So, next time you go to take a cheeky selfie, make sure you're aware of everything you're getting in the frame. Otherwise, you might just get more than you've bargained for.