8 people reveal the maddest things their co-workers did without actually getting fired

8 people reveal the maddest things their co-workers did without actually getting fired

We all have that one co-worker who we look at and just think: "how the hell do you still have a job?"

Maybe they're lazy and can't be bothered ever doing anything useful, maybe they're consistently late and calling in sick, or maybe they're just straight-up incompetent. Ultimately, it doesn't matter, they still have this uncanny ability to not end up with a pink slip by the end of the week. By the way, if you can think of a colleague who is like the,, then I've got bad news for you: you are the incompetent person. After all, there's always one.

Recently, an AskReddit thread asked Redditors what were some of the craziest things their co-workers ever did at work that they didn't actually get fired for. As I'm sure you can imagine, their answers were pretty hilarious. So we've decided to collate some of the best examples to check out yourself.

1. mallow-cups-fo-life

"A cashier would drop cash on the floor, bend down to get it, stick half of it in his sock, then proceed with the transaction as normal. All management did was move him to the floor. He only got fired a few months later when he snuck onto a register, did it again, then went back out to the floor and hid the money in a display. His pot dealer then came into the store, grabbed the cash and replaced it with some pot. Only then did they realize that’s what he’d been doing the whole time."

An unhappy office worker in a meeting. Credit: Getty

2. Blublblub

"I had a project manager once that single-handedly torpedoed a $10 million contract through his sheer incompetence and hubris. The customer got sick of our company not hitting the impossible goals this idiot set and his condescending treatment of them (yes, he treated the customer like crap along with his own people) and cancelled it resulting in 20 people losing their jobs. This guy didn't lose his job however because he was friends with someone on the board. He got another project to work on with no repercussions."

An unhappy office worker. Credit: Getty

3. Byizo

"Used his corporate credit card for over $10k in personal purchases. He was reprimanded, but not fired OR made to pay the company back. Within the next year he did the exact same thing and only then was he fired."

An unhappy office worker. Credit: Getty

4. InfiniteSandwich

"I worked at a school for kids who need emotional support. We had a classroom aide who would scream at kids until they cried and then actively mock them for crying. These kids were 7 and came from horrifically abusive houses. It sucked to work in a place that allowed abusive behaviour to continue. She was close family friends with the principal. It's very hard to help a child when they learn from a young age that adults aren't able to make things better and adults are capable of incredibly mean things."

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5. BroodingBryanAdams

"Forge a document (it was so obvious), then lie about not forging it, then admit to forging it once lie was just slightly questioned. One partner at the firm wanted her fired, but another one didn't, the forger stayed."

Three office workers at a meeting. Credit: Getty

6. MormonBikeRiding 

"Had a girl steal money from other crews bags in the locker/change room. Instead of firing her they just took the door off the room and put in a camera so now we have to show up to work in uniform with a shirt over it, it's very hot here and I end up sweaty by the time I get to work. She also called in one time saying her sister died and needs time off. She never had a sister. After all this, she got rehired after she quit for another job that didn't end up working out."

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7. Heidismiles

"There was a sales guy who was generally not expected to be in the office most days. He was supposed to be out making sales. But he just never did. At one point he had been working there for a year, and he asked me (the tech-savvy receptionist) how to enrol a new customer in our system. We were pretty sure he had another full-time job."

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8. WarmProfit

"Saw a guy whip out his dick and start running around trying to piss on this one guy. He got a splash on him too. Active duty military here, for anyone curious."

An irate employee at his PC. Credit: Getty

Sadly, there are occasions when people end up doing something so outrageously stupid that their boss simply has no choice but to can them. For example, check out this article we penned all about the Indian delivery driver who was fired after he ate all the food he was supposed to be delivering.