8 People share details from the trashiest wedding they've ever been to

8 People share details from the trashiest wedding they've ever been to

It's often said that your wedding day is supposed to be the happiest day of your life, a ridiculously high bar to set for any day, let alone the one which marks the end of your youthful frivolity.

Once married, people start talking about such things as washing machine powders, the extortionate toll road they once happened upon, or perhaps present you with an elaborate cost benefit analysis of your local supermarkets. In short, they lose some of their charm.

With that knowledge in mind, there is something to be said for going absolutely all out on your wedding day: pack as much fun into one mayhemic day as you possibly can before the heavy mundanity of the rest of your life becomes a daily reality.

In the spirit of this, I have a certain admiration for these 'trashy' wedding stories. Do your wedding your own way, and be damned with everyone else; at the very least, they'll have a good story to tell. Here are some of the best from Reddit.


"I went to a wedding in Florida where the bride wore a mini skirt and was given away by her ex husband, with whom she and her new husband still lived."

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"Watched a conspicuously 8 months pregnant high school girl marry her late 30s boss from a summer job. He was an accountant and came across more embarrassed than skeevy; guess he was trying to the right thing, to make up for the doing the wrong thing. Her respectable parents could not talk this recently turned 18 yo girl out of the wedding/marriage. Everyone knew it was going to be a disaster but we were wrong about how...

Shortly after giving birth she got pregnant again by a boy her own age. She ran away abandoning both kids and her ex husband who was raising both kids last I heard."

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"There was no alcohol being served as the reception hall in the church basement had super strict rules about alcohol. So all the guests snuck in alcohol. The mother of the groom had a 24 case of coors under her table. People had full sized bottles of vodka hidden in their jackets it was messy. Then after the wedding the after party was at this super divey college bar where the bride got so drunk the groom had to carry her back to their hotel where she finished the night drunkenly eating chicken nuggets in the giant penthouse suite bathtub.

In the interest of honesty...this was my wedding and I was the chicken nugget eating bride."

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"I went to a wedding where the bride and groom’s first dance was to who let the dogs out... everyone just looked on speechless as they slow danced to it. Then half way through it turned into a slutty grind session. Nobody thought it would last but they’re still together."

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"My fiancé and I went to a wedding where the pastor referred to the bride as “the ole ball and chain” and let them know that it was “all downhill from here”"

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"Reminds me of my cousin's wedding. The officiant was his old roommate, and he described what it was like when my cousin and his wife first started dating. "Oh, if walls could talk... Those thin, thin walls.""

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"No less than three people were in tuxedo t-shirts, the maid of honor was on the Rock of Love, and the bride was sending me nude selfies the day before the wedding."

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"Was invited to a baby shower when the mom-to-be disappeared. She came back in a wedding dress and they got married by the pond out back. This was all at a gun club. Literal shotgun wedding."

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Some of these weddings sound like a seriously good night out if you ask me.