A kid tried to catch Santa on camera but got way more than he bargained for

A kid tried to catch Santa on camera but got way more than he bargained for

I think that everybody remembers the exact moment they stopped believing in Santa.

For some, the sight of a mall Santa on his smoke break was enough to shatter the illusion, while others simply grow it of it, letting the sands of time slowly erode away the wonder. But some kids get their detective mode on, and similar to a conspiracy theory, they begin asking the real questions.

Eventually, curious kids set up elaborate sting operations, and that's when the illusion tends to fall. For example, this clever boy, who set up a camera to catch Santa in the act of laying down the presents. But when he looked over the footage the next morning, he found something way, way worse.

Santa and children Credit: Getty

On Twitter, user @lntolisa told us all about her resourceful brother, who used the camera on his iPad to gain irrefutable evidence of Santa, putting the rumours to bed once and for all. Better yet, he uploaded the incident to social media so we could see what happened too.

Now, the adults among you are probably wondering. We know Santa isn't real: most likely, this kid would catch an unidentified gloved hand, or more often than not, his parents munching down on his milk and cookies. But what happened here was far more hilarious.

Okay. So the camera's set up. @lntolisa's brother walks us through the sting, showing us the gift he got for his parents, and then we're off. 'Twas the night before Christmas, but here's another fact: a boy set up a camera to catch Santa in the act.

When you first see the chihuahua sniffing around the gifts, you might not realise right away what's going on. But the best part of this video is that once it becomes clear that the dog is about to do, it's already halfway in the process of happening. That's one way to start Boxing Day, huh?

I don't know what @lntolisa's dog was doing his business on (I think it might've been a blanket), but I sure hope it ain't expensive. But wait, there's more: her brother came back the next morning to record his reaction.

I'm not going to lie, but I'm kind of disappointed there was not a more extreme reaction. "You're probably wondering what that is," begins the young boy, "but I think you guys know." I don't know about you guys, but I'm really glad he posted it to Twitter, where it's already got nearly seven million views.

"That is simultaneously the best and worst thing I've seen all hour," said one user in response to the videos, and I don't know if there's a better way of putting it than that. Well, Merry Christmas, you guys! Whatever Santa brought for you this Christmas, I doubt you got anything like this under the tree.

So... if you're not happy with your gifts, try not to raise a stink.