A man racially abused a fast food worker after she wouldn't honor his coupon

A man racially abused a fast food worker after she wouldn't honor his coupon

Starbucks literally just finished racial bias training - we've been told time and time again that discrimination against anyone for essentially existing and doing all the crap people seemingly do every day is not right (you shouldn't have to be told anyway, it should be instilled upon you from birth) yet here we are again with another clown.

Footage has emerged of a man racially abusing a worker at a fast food restaurant for not honoring his burger voucher.

The man launches a vile tirade against the server at the Jack in a Box restaurant in Manvel, Texas where at one point he threatens to send her "back to Mexico."

The original video by Lupita Rangel, was posted here by Wolfie Hernandez, the original post translates to, "I buy you a ticket back to #Mexico", so threaten this man to a Latina employee in a #jackinthebox, apparently the man got upset because he didn't make a coupon that was already beaten, the facts happened to #south From #Houston."

Lupita herself posted: "Never thought i'd experience racism so close."

Another member of staff steps in to try and identify what the issue is. The man responds "She lied her a** off. She thought she could get away with it." While the member of staff tries to tell the man that he will be getting what he had asked for, the man interjects, and claims he had seen the woman dropping food.

He then asks the woman's name and says "goodbye Maria. I'm going to buy you a ticket back to Mexico." The man then storms out of the premises. The video has been viewed over 86,000 times, with many people sharing their outrage at the footage.

Jason Steinberg wrote: "Another day, another angry racist." Christopher Green wrote: "That's horrible. People go through life angry about the smallest things and that talk such hatred ... karma will get him."

Hopefully, a similar fate befalls the unnamed man as it did New York lawyer, Aaron Schlossberg. His racist rant lead to some rather delicious just desserts.

People posted so many negative reviews on his law firm’s Yelp listing that Yelp themselves had to intervene. The company says its policy for news making businesses is to remove posts “that appear to be motivated more by the news coverage itself than the reviewer’s personal consumer experience with the business”.

New reviews about the law firm that apparently slipped through the filtering range from ironically helpful—like how concerned New Yorkers can lodge complaints—to tabloid headline-like condemnations (and subtle sketch show references) such as: “Ya done messed up now, A-a-ron!!”

Schlossberg is no longer welcome in the building where he rents office space. This is probably the result of critics quickly locating Schlossberg’s office listing on Google Maps.

Not only did this include changing the business category to “Mexican Restaurant” and swapping a photo of the attorney for an image of a dog being hit in the face with a frisbee, they also created a GoFundMe page raising “$500 to send a Mariachi band to cheer up the staff and attorneys at The Law Office of Aaron M. Schlossberg Esq. after a difficult day”.

Unsurprisingly, Schlossberg has a history of being a complete a**hole. Internet sleuths and activists dug up dirt on Schlossberg, including video of him calling someone an “ugly f**king foreigner” and photos of him in the company of noted pro-Trump trolls not to mention berating Jewish people for going on marches for Palestine. Talk s**t, get hit...with the scorn of millions of Americans, united in their total disgust of you. Your time is coming, blue t-shirt man.