'Adrift' star Shailene Woodley talks about all of her favorite foods

'Adrift' star Shailene Woodley talks about all of her favorite foods

We all fell in love with Shailene Woodley in The Fault In Our Stars, and watched her kick ass and become a role model in the Divergent series. She has become an actress on everyone's radar, as she has been in numerous blockbuster hits and TV gold. We know about her... unique clay habit but outside that she eats quite well, you may prefer her diet to a lot of other stars: her go to food is potatoes.

Talking to Alyse Whitney for Bon Appetite's healthyish, Woodley says she loves potatoes so much she'll write poetry about them. “My love of potatoes goes deep. I love the red ones. I love the purple ones. I love the pink ones. I love the waxy ones. I love the dry ones. I love the big ones. I love the small ones,” as if she’s writing a Dr Seuss recipe book.

If ever out at sea and abandoned it would be her go-to food as well. In her new based-on-a-true-story film Adrift, the actress portrays Tami Oldham, a woman who fights to keep her and her fiancé, Richard Sharp (Sam Claflin), alive after they sail directly into Hurricane Raymond en route from Tahiti to San Diego. Potatoes were not an option for Oldham; she survived on canned food and peanut butter for 41 days. They are the one food she says she'd desperately miss if she was adrift herself.

Back on dry land, Woodley and her partner have potatoes for dinner at least four nights a week. With "parsley, sage, rosemary, and thyme,” she sings in her best Simon & Garfunkel impression (but really she goes for rosemary and thyme most of the time). Recently she's into Russian-style pan-fried taters.

Her best friend’s mom taught her a simple recipe: olive or grapeseed oil, “obscene amounts of garlic-like a whole head,” onions, salt, and matchstick potatoes in a nonstick pan. “They get that nice crunch on the bottom, but they’re super soft on the inside. Then you can crack on egg in it and make a little potato frittata.”

If Woodley was packing a bag of essentials before embarking on a long journey, she would opt for Barnana dehydrated banana bites and her LifeStraw over raw potatoes. Barnanas are more like chewy bites than banana chips and are made from “imperfect” bananas to prevent food waste, and Woodley explains that you can suck any water (except salt water) through the LifeStraw directly—it will filter out bacteria and protozoa. Sure, she may get sick of dried bananas after a few weeks at sea, but they would make a good dipper for peanut butter.

The moment that she got back on land, Shailene Woodley would find good water and reach for any type of moisturizsr. “Give me olive oil to throw on my skin, or coconut oil. After being under the sun and berated it all day long, moisturizer would be my long lost lover,” she says. Maybe the key to a great life is coffee moisturiser, dried bananas, and potatoes. Just maybe.