Aldi is now selling a massage gun

Aldi is now selling a massage gun

Aldi is now selling a massage gun for just $99, and we're no experts, but that's definitely cheaper than multiple trips to a masseuse to sort out your dodgy back.

The massage gun will also come in handy if you've recently hit the gym as part of your New Year's resolutions and are suffering a few extra aches and pains after using muscles you'd no idea you possessed.

The massage gun (available here) is a pretty nifty gadget and comes with a whopping five interchangeable massage heads and three different intensities.

Check out this leaked Aldi employment training video: 

However, not everyone who looked at the massage gun was thinking the same thing. Specifically, one Australian mom who thought that it looked like a massager for a very different part of the body.

Aldi's massage gun. Credit: Aldi

As per NewIdeaFood, she wrote on Facebook: "Are you sure that's a Massage Gun, Aldi? Because I'm pretty sure it looks a lot like something that many women keep in their bedside table for lonely nights...

"You know, the sort of thing where you might dim the lights, put on some mood music and then light a cigarette or have a glass of wine afterwards?

"I mean not that I'm complaining... and I'm sure other mums won't be either when they're shopping next week at Aldi. I mean what Aussie housewife doesn't need a new 'Massage Gun' eh?"

Aldi is also releasing a number of extremely tempting products this month, including a range of women's fitness clothing that's likely to go down a storm with anyone who has recently decided to get fit.

Aldi fitness tank tops. Credit: Aldi

Like the massage gun, the fitness range will be released on January 25, and its items are incredibly reasonably priced, so you'll have to be quick if you want to bag yourself a bargain.

  • Women's Fitness Tank $7.99
  • Women's Fitness Tights $14.99
  • Women's Fitness Bra $9.99
  • Women's Fitness Crop Top $9.99
  • Women's Fitness Tee $7.99
  • Men's Fitness Tops $6.99
  • Men's Fitness Shorts $12.99
  • Women's or Men's Lifestyle Joggers $19.99
  • Adult's Fitness Socks 3pk $5.99
  • Sports Towel $9.99

Aldi's women's leggings. Credit: Aldi

However, Aldi's gun is not the only tantalizing massage product to hit the shelves this January. Another company has developed giant heated slippers that simultaneously massage your feet.