Aldi is now selling shimmery candy cane gin in time for Christmas

Aldi is now selling shimmery candy cane gin in time for Christmas

Reader, I am a fully converted believer in all things Aldi.

Every time I go in there to do a grocery shop, I laugh to myself in disbelief at just how cheap everything is. I throw chicken breasts and brocolli, paella and croissants in my basket with gleeful abandon.

But there's a whole other section of Aldi that is arguably even more exciting than their bargain groceries: the Specialbuys section. Now, as the winter nights threaten to start drawing in and temperatures cool, already Christmas is looming on the horizon.

Check out this leaked Aldi employee training video:

Now, there are many things to get excited about around Christmas time each year; the 24/7 Christmas songs on the radio, the tinsel, the tree, the twinkly lights, the many excellent Christmas films. But now I'm fully acquainted with the Aldi Specialbuys section, I have a feeling that Christmas is about to take on a whole new level of hysteria.

Credit: Aldi

And already, before the end of September, Aldi are coming through with the goods, because it has been announced that the chain will soon be selling Candy Cane Gin Liqueur as the perfect Christmas tipple.

The limited edition liqueur tastes of vanilla and peppermint, making it the perfect drink to enjoy while sitting round a roaring fire and unwrapping your gifts, or for a late night reward on Christmas eve after all the presents are wrapped.

Credit: Aldi

The Sun reports that the tipple even has a shimmer effect when you shake the bottle and that the liqueur will be priced at £9.99 for a 50cl bottle.

The Evening Standard, meanwhile, reports that the gin liqueur will be available in stores and online from October 1, and will be presented alongside a range of other new festive spirits and wines.

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