Aldi is selling a bargain 55-inch 4K Smart TV

Aldi is selling a bargain 55-inch 4K Smart TV

With Netflix, Nintendo and so much more content available to use at the click of a button, there's never been a better time to get some really good home entertainment, but there's one thing that usually gets in the way: the actual piece of equipment you're going to play all that through.

It's no use getting the best television shows, video games and whatnot if your television's not quite up to scratch. It's an acute disappointment, let's be honest. But like with a lot of close brushes with disappointment I have had recently, Aldi have stepped up to make things all okay.

Aldi basket Credit: Getty

From the same guys who brought you sangria kits, outdoor heaters and a treehouse (equipped with slide), I now bring you the bargain 55-inch, 4K TV. Complete with built-in Netflix capabilities and Freeview,the Aldi Medion ultra-HD smart TV might not be the first thing you think of when you think Aldi, but you could probably say the same thing about a treehouse.

"Watch your favourite shows in breath-taking full high definition quality on this 55inch smart TV," the product description reads. "Easily switch between standout content by making the most of the built in Freeview and Netflix app on this large TV."

"The fun doesn't stop there. Stream your own content to the TV thanks to AVS (Audio-Video-Sharing), choose from your favourite tunes, photos or films and beam them straight into the box.

"The 55inch HD TV comes with some great tech elements too, three built in HDMI ports come as standard alongside USB and earphone jacks. Transform your viewing experience and pick a brand new 55inch flat screen smart TV today."

Aldi Medion TV Credit: Aldi

This sounds like a very nice television, but I think that's enough fantasising. How much will this all set me back? We said bargain, didn't we - you can pick up this state-of-the-art television for just £359.99. Pretty sweet deal, huh?

If you can't quite afford that or can't quite fit a 55-inch television in your place without knocking out one of the walls, you can also get a puny 43-inch TV for £259.99. Much better.

Well, folks, what are you waiting for? I think this summer will be full of great moments, amazing products and even better people, but if you happen to have a free evening this summer, it's probably a good idea to head to Aldi. You never know what you might find.