Aldi is selling a folding barbecue and it's only £12.99

Aldi is selling a folding barbecue and it's only £12.99

No getting around it, folks; we're in the full fledges of summer time, and for a lot of people that means only one thing: barbecues.

But barbecues, as much as we love grilling steaks, smoking chicken or cooking halloumi, are often expensive and difficult to deal with once the sun has set and everyone is merry and full of meat.

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But thanks to Aldi - who are quickly turning into the place to go this summer for all of your alternative hot-weather needs - you might not have to deal with any of that hassle. That's all thanks to their new folding barbecue, which is lightweight, easy to store and adept at fulfilling all of your barbecuing desires.

Say hello to your new favourite summer toy, and at only £12.99, it's a barbecue experience that's going to break the internet, but not the bank. If you're on a camping trip to the middle of nowhere and need yourself some decent eats or you're looking to have a nice cookout on the park, then this is going to be very, very helpful.

Aldi folding barbecue Credit: Aldi

"A very lightweight stainless steel Folding Barbecue that's ready to use in seconds. Why not bring it along on your next camping trip? Make tasty teas on the go that the whole family will love tucking into with this handy barbeque," says the product description on the Aldi website, and I don't know about you, but that sounds like the perfect endorsement of this barbecue.

So there you have it, folks. Alongside all of the other awesome things that Aldi have seen fit to give us this summer, including fire pits, boozy mojito sausages and a bargain 4K television set, this folding barbecue promises to make 2019 your best summer yet - all at an awesomely affordable price. I personally can't wait to tuck in.